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Jack Ruby's jailhouse doctor was an MK-ULTA "doctor"

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

Folks, this would be funny, if it were not so sad. When the government gives you an MK-ULTA doctor, bad things are SURE to happen! I am sure this CIA mind bender "doctor" was there to either make Rudy insane, encourage him to commit suicide (which he tried 3 times) or kill him outright. Ruby was right: LBJ was a "Nazi."


Dr. Louis Joyon "Jolly" West

Mind control programmers

See: False Memory Syndrome William Sargant

The establishment allowed CIA programmer Dr. Louis Joyon "Jolly" West to examine Jack Ruby in his jail cell. When Ruby refused to admit to insanity, West labelled him "paranoid and mentally ill" and Ruby was placed on pills, which were called "happy pills". Ruby believed he was being poisoned by the establishment.12: SCIENCE No. 12-EXTERNAL CONTROLS Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

While Dr. West’s curriculum vitae doesn’t mention that he received Top Secret clearance from the CIA as the contractor on MKULTRA Subproject 43, CIA documents show that grants were given to Dr. West for studies entitled, "Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility" and "Studies of Dissociative States." Further, "Dr. Lois Jolyon West was cleared at Top Secret for his work on MKULTRA.

West's numerous connections to the mind control network illustrate how the network is maintained---not through any central conspiracy, but by an interlocking network of academic relationships, grants, conferences, and military appointments. Some doctors in the network were not funded directly by the CIA or military, but their work was of direct relevance to mind control, non-lethal weapons development, creation of controlled dissociation and the building of Manchurian Candidates." Further, "Dr. West devoted four decades to study, writing and experimentation on dissociation, hypnosis, Communist mind control, hallucinogens, sensory deprivation, and methods of social influence; he concluded that the methods used by destructive cults result in the creation of new identities and dissociative states. The same methods, when applied to experimental subjects under BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and MKULTRA, also resulted in the creation of amnesia, new identities and dissociated states. This was the Manchurian Candidate program."(Ross, 2000) Neurofeedback and Other Interventions for Patients with Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Dissociative Disorders by Susan Ford

So Louis West, who wanted to start this centre at UCLA, is on the board of FMSF and so is Martin Orne, a Harvard psychiatrist who has done contract work for the CIA in the past. And several other people who have those kinds of connections. They want to debunk this stuff right out of the box ... forget it. This is the kind of stuff they want to debunk. The CIA, Mind Control & Children: A Talk by John Rappoport

He was the British end of the most sinister program ever approved by the United States government: MK ULTRA, an intelligence agency effort designed to control all human behavior. .....He continued to use the massive doses of electroshock and drugs as part of his behavioral modification regime. He was, in 1970, also working closely with Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California in Los Angeles and director of its Neuropsychiatric Institute. .....Using his highly placed connections to the American drug industry, Sargant’s arsenal of mind-altering drugs was unequalled in Britain. He was the first to treat—depending on the definition of “treatment"—patients with Thorazine, Stelazine and Mellaril; anti-depressants like Elavil and Tofranil; anti-manics like lithium carbonate. He gave them in combinations......Sargant worked closely with Eli Lilly and Company, Hoffman-La Roche and Geigy. Other drug houses who regarded him with favor were Merck, Sharp and Dohme, Parke-Davis and Company, Smith Kline & French Laboratories, and Searle Laboratories.

.......At military bases in Britain, including one at Maresfield, near the south coast resort of Brighton, he conducted drug-related experiments on so-called “military volunteers.” Other drug experiments were performed at Britain’s most secret chemical and biological warfare establishment at Porton Down on Salisbury Plain. Again “volunteers” from military mental hospitals and from military prisons were used.

American intelligence sent observers to monitor these tests. Among them was one of the CIA’s senior biochemists, Frank Olson, and Sidney Gottlieb, the overall head of the MK ULTRA program.

The three men became close friends. On each trip they visited Sargant’s department at St. Thomas’s to study patient records. They also shared with Sargant the latest mind-altering research being carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Ultimately, as we shall see, these connections led to the 1953 murder of Frank Olson on the orders of Sidney Gottlieb.

..........Once he agreed to work for Britain’s intelligence services, money was no longer a problem and through U.S. drug companies he met like-minded psychiatrists.

..........Sargant died on August 27, 1988. With his death I was freed of my undertaking and slowly began to explore his background. It was not easy; he still had powerful friends in the World Psychiatric Association he had helped to establish, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

.........Injected with Largactil (Thorazine) and Seconal to keep her in a drugged sleep, Anne was placed in the Sleep Room. There she received doses of other drugs, Amitriptyline and Nardil.

.........There was another link between Sargant and Cameron: Leonard Rubenstein. He worked for MI5. At the Allan Memorial Institute he ran the “research and behavioral laboratory.” There he created the tape loops. He had flown to London to show Sargant how they should be fashioned.

......I traced Rubenstein to his home in Hammersmith, London. I wanted him to explain how he, with no medical qualifications, had been allowed to work on seriously ill patients. When I started to question him, he hung up the phone. When I called back I was informed the line was no longer in service. I then discovered Rubenstein still has links to MI5. Inside the Sleep Room by Gordon Thomas

Shortly after he had entered University of Wisconsin, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. In the Army Specialized Training Program he studied at the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota School of Medicine from which he graduated in 1948. During his internship at the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic he became familiar with Scientology, a cult he soon considered dangerous. Transferred to the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps and five years later he was appointed Chief of Psychiatry Service at the Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. In this position he studied U.S. pilots and veterans after they had experienced torture and brainwashing. Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California in Los Angeles and director of its Neuropsychiatric Institute.

Alleged persons he treated: Charles Manson, Sirhan-Sirhan, and later David Koresh. January 7, 1999, Reuters: "After examining [Jack] Ruby, the killer of President John F. Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, West concluded Ruby was suffering from 'major mental illness precipitated by the stress of (his) trial.''' Member of the White House Conference on Civil Rights in 1966. For many years he fought for the abolishment of the death penalty. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the FMS Foundation (as reported in the FMS Foundation Newsletter, Vol 4, No. 8, September 1, 1995). Dr. Colin Ross, who received many FOIA documents pertaining to US government mind control research: "Started off as a Top Secret official for the Air Force who interviewed the American pilots who came back from Korea having been captured and brainwashed by the Communist Chinese. Joly West and Margaret Singer worked for Air Force Intelligence talking to those downed American pilots who were actually DDNOS level Manchurian Candidates. Director the Cult Awareness Network... funded under MKULTRA to study the psychobiology of dissociation. He will probably go down in history as the only person to kill an elephant at Oklahoma City Zoo with LSD... Joly West was the expert witness in the trial for Patty Hearst. Who were the expert witnesses called to explain to the jury that Patty Hearst was actually a victim of coercive persuasion, mind control and brainwashing ... Joly West, Margaret Singer, Robert Lifton and Martin Orne. So what did Joly West have to do with Vacaville? Joly West was Head of the UCLA Violence Project which was approved by Ronald Reagan when he was Governor of California, then shut down by public protest. It was spearheaded by a number of people including some people who were very interested in the history of CIA military mind control, and have written books about it. Well the UCLA Violence Project you are going to see in subsequent slides... [Joly was a] CIA and military contractor, and an expert on multiple personality and other things... he actually mentions multiple personality in his CIA proposal. He tried to set up this UCLA violence centre that was going to be funded by Ronald Reagan and Frank Irvine from the Harvard brain electrode implant team was going to come. One of the things that was going to be done at the UCLA violence project and also at Vaccaville State Prison under a separate administrative structure, but which got shut down by public protest, was that they were going to implant brain electrodes in violent sex offenders..." http://www.isgp.eu/dutroux/FMSF_freaks.htm

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