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Lyndon Johnson wanted Jackie to ride in HIS limo not JFK's

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

Not only was Lyndon Johnson the Mastermind of the JFK assassination; he was the one who recruited all of Kennedy's haters together and let them know he would cover for them post assassination. Lyndon Johnson was also heavy involved in the mico-details of the JFK assassination, such as making sure security was missing around JFK in the Dallas motorcade.

Lyndon Johnson was the one, directly or indirectly, who was arranging for the CIA Operation 40/Operation Mongoose snipers to take out JFK and Lyndon Johnson was fully aware that John Kennedy was going to be slaughtered while in that motorcade. A good confirmation of this is that LYNDON JOHNSON WANTED JACKIE KENNEDY TO RIDE IN HIS LIMO IN THE MOTORCADE ... or rather his Lincoln convertible. And, also on the day of the assassination, Johnson was also pleading/demanding that his friend John Connally be put in his car and his hated enemy Ralph Yarborough moved to the kill zone in JFK's car.

JFK's good friend and Florida Senator George Smathers is the source for the very revealing information that LBJ wanted Jackie to ride in his car:

Just before John Kennedy headed to Dallas he had a conversation with his good friend Florida Senator George Smathers; here is how it went:

JFK: “Gee, I really hate to go to Texas. I gotta go to Texas next week and its just a pain in the rear end and I just don’t want to go, I wish I could get out of it.

George Smathers: I said “Well, what’s the problem?”

JFK: “Well, you know how Lyndon is, Johnson wants Jackie to ride with him, and all these fights were going on…. I hate to go into all that mess and I hate to go and I wish I could think of a way to get out of it.”

It is time to stop giving Lyndon Johnson the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the JFK assassination. There is nothing in his entire life to show LBJ deserves any benefit of the doubt; in fact the opposite is true of this master criminal and master manipulator. The reason Lyndon Johnson wanted Jackie to ride in his car in the motorcade was because he did not want her brains to get blown out, too. Read the book LBJ: Mastermind of JFK's Assassination (2010) by Phillip Nelson. This passage above is on p. 362.

"Corrupt" and "master manipulator" are 3 words that just don't do Lyndon Johnson justice. LBJ was pathological xxxx, sociopath, psychopath and most importantly, a serial killer who was running a Murder, Inc. down in Texas LONG before he arranged with the CIA for JFK's assassination.

Lyndon Johnson was a STONE COLD KILLER:

Johnson had murdered a LOT of people by the time he made a dirty deal with the CIA to murder John Kennedy. LBJ was running “Murder, Inc.” down in Texas:

Malcolm Wallace was his hit man and killer


LETTER #2 - FROM DOUGLAS CADDY (lawyer for Billie Sol Estes)

August 9, 1984

Mr. Stephen S. Trott

Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division

U.S. Department of Justice

Washington, D. C. 20530

RE: Mr. Billie Sol Estes

Dear Mr. Trott:

My client, Mr. Estes, has authorized me to make this reply to your letter of May 29, 1984. Mr. Estes was a member of a four-member group, headed by Lyndon Johnson, which committed criminal acts in Texas in the 1960's. The other two, besides Mr. Estes and LBJ, were Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace. Mr. Estes is willing to disclose his knowledge concerning the following criminal offenses:

I. Murders

1. The killing of Henry Marshall

2. The killing of George Krutilek

3. The killing of Ike Rogers and his secretary

4. The killing of Harold Orr

5. The killing of Coleman Wade

6. The killing of Josefa Johnson

7. The killing of John Kinser

8. The killing of President J. F. Kennedy.

Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders. In the cases of murders nos. 1-7, Mr. Estes' knowledge of the precise details concerning the way the murders were executed stems from conversations he had shortly after each event with Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace.

In addition, a short time after Mr. Estes was released from prison in 1971, he met with Cliff Carter and they reminisced about what had occurred in the past, including the murders. During their conversation, Carter orally compiled a list of 17 murders which had been committed, some of which Mr. Estes was unfamiliar. A living witness was present at that meeting and should be willing to testify about it. He is Kyle Brown, recently of Houston and now living in Brady, Texas.

Mr. Estes, states that Mac Wallace, whom he describes as a "stone killer" with a communist background, recruited Jack Ruby, who in turn recruited Lee Harvey Oswald. Mr. Estes says that Cliff Carter told him that Mac Wallace fired a shot from the grassy knoll in Dallas, which hit JFK from the front during the assassination.

[The letter continues …]

Sincerely yours,

Douglas Caddy

Note: George Smathers died in 2007 at age 93: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,245227,00.html

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Guest Robert Morrow

Here is a fuller, more complete quote of George Smathers who spoke with Kennedy on 11/18/63. It comes from the Kennedys, on PBS "American Experience." Apparently, Johnson wanted to ride with Kennedy, which is quite strange if LBJ knew there would be snipers and a kill zone in the parade. Then, apparently, Lyndon Johnson was lobbying hard to have Jackie ride with him ... I think the first move was a ploy and the second demand was the real goal. You can watch the film clip online at PBS, the Kennedys, at the 1:44:30 mark of the video at PBS: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/kennedys/player/

Sen. George Smathers, U.S. Congress 1946-1968: I came back to Washington with the President. He was lying down. They had a bed in the Air Force One for him to lie on. So he said, Gee, I really hate to go to Texas. I got to go to Texas next week and its just a pain in the rear end and I just dont want to go. I wish I could get out of it. And I said, Well, whats the problem? He said, Well, you know how Lyndon is. Lyndon was Vice President. Lyndon wants to ride with me, but John Connally is the governor and he wants to ride and I think that protocol says that hes supposed to ride and Johnson wants Jackie to ride with him. And Connally was, at that time, a little bit jealous of Lyndon and Lyndon was a little jealous of him, so its all these fights were going on. He said, I just dont want to go down in that mess. I hate to go. I wish I could think of a way to get out of it.

Transcript from PBS "American Experience - The Kennedys Part II - The Sons" available on line here:


[Thanks to Gil Jesus for tracking this documentation down.]

Edited by Robert Morrow
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Guest Robert Morrow


Air Force One: A History of the Presidents and Their Planes - Page 73

Kenneth T. Walsh - 2004 - 288 pages - Preview

Look how screwed up it's going to be. You've got Lyndon, who is insisting that Jackie ride with him. You've got [liberal senator] Ralph Yarborough, who hates Lyndon, and Johnson doesn't want Yarborough with him. ...

books.google.com - More editions - Add to My Library▼

The crisis years: Kennedy and Khrushchev, 1960-1963

Michael R. Beschloss - 1991 - 816 pages - Snippet view

ernor John Connally and the liberal Senator Ralph Yarborough. Kennedy feared that the feud between the two men might harm ... You've got Lyndon, who is insisting that Jackie ride with him. You've got Ralph Yarborough, who hates Lyndon, ...

books.google.com - More editions - Add to My Library▼

The last brother

Joe McGinniss - 1993 - 626 pages - Snippet view

You've got Lyndon. You've got Ralph Yarborough, who hates Lyndon. And you've got Connally. They're all prima donnas of the biggest order and they're all insisting that they ride either with me or with Jackie. ...

[Thanks to Tom Scully for this.]

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For being the mastermind LBJ sure seems to drop provocative hints at conspiracy.

LBJ/Walter Cronkite September 1969

In 1973 LBJ was at it again when he said in reference to the JFK murder "we were running a damn Murder Inc. in the Carribean".

He had a heart attack and died shortly thereafter.

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Guest Robert Morrow

Here is Ronald Reagan in 1978 or 1979 using his radio commentary platform, attempting to pin the JFK assassination on the Russians or Cubans: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7P_k2qGadFU

Like Johnson, Reagan mentions the "international" angle.

What is so sad is the Reagan probably believed the absurb garbage that he was spewing. Quick Question: is there ANYONE at Education Forum who believes that the RUSSIANS murdered JFK? Anyone? Anyone at all? Even one? When know Krushchev was crying when JFK died.

I think the only person who "believes" that the Russians were involved would be DAVE PERRY! Perry, if I am correct in his thinking, believes LHO killed JFK but that the Russians may have told him to do it.

I think that "Marvin the Martian" has greater probability of killing JFK than did the Russians. Hey, maybe there is something the Gipper and Dave Perry know that we don't!

Edited by Robert Morrow
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You're spewing garbage. You have no evidence that LBJ was the mastermind behind the Kennedy assassination. The whole premise is ridiculous. LBJ is a small fry compared to the people that killed JFK. He is a small fry compared to the wealth and power behind the Kennedy dynasty.

Ronald Reagan was himself the target of assassination. Before Reagan no US President since the JFK assassination had served two terms in office. Look back at the 1960's and early 1970's and it is very obvious that this country was put through the meat grinder. The country was transformed from an industrial power to a junk heap that we see today.

You seem to know nothing of the Kennedy family. It was reported when Joe Kennedy Sr. died in 1969(?) that he left an amassed fortune of $500,000,000.00. Do you actually believe old man Kennedy accrued this fortune as the result of hard work? Don't be foolish. There is no way LBJ in any way was at the same level of the Kennedy family with regards to organized crime and dirty politics.

The Kennedy family to this day is a family who's wealth and political clout is derived from some very nasty people. Nasty people who promoted them into politics. LBJ is a saint compared to the Kennedy family and the power that sits behind them.

JFK was not supposed to become President. That job was slated for his older brother Joe Kennedy who was killed in WWII. JFK broke with family tradition and went with an FDR approach during his short tenure as President. Instead of tearing down the US economy he did everything he could to build it up. That was seen in his NASA-Appollo moon landing policy. In short JFK acted as an American President, like Roosevelt had done 30 years earlier and for that he was killed. Killed by the very same interests that had promoted him into office in the first place.

And speaking of Ronald Reagan. Back in 1983 when Reagan announced his adoption of the Strategic Defense Initiative ( a program to eliminate nuclear weapons) there was a huge freakout by the Mutually Assured Destruction crowd. They deployed everything they could to destroy this Reagan SDI policy (a policy JFK would have supported).One of the traitors in the US Senate, deployed to destroy Reagan's SDI on behalf of the MAD advocates was none other than Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy worked with the Soviet KGB and the US media in an attempt to destroy the SDI program.

Ted Kennedy by collaborating with his brothers killers was a traitor to both his brothers legacy and the United States. Such is the state of real politics in the United States. Not the fantasy you present.


Edited by Terry Mauro
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Guest Tom Scully

Jack Kennedy was a "product," a carefully shaped and expensively promoted image similar to the images promoted successfully in later elections, Ronald Reagan, George W Bush, and Barack Obama. The majority of American voters are easily fooled and our children will suffer the consequences of the choices these voters have made based on "impressions" promoted to them at great expense. Most have even been fooled into believing there are two major, rival US political parties.


Joseph P. Kennedy: a life and times

David E. Koskoff - 1974 - 643 pages - Snippet view

In tabulating the country's richest men in 1957, Fortune magazine listed Joe Kennedy in the $200-400 million bracket.10 Only eight names placed in higher brackets; only 15 people were his financial equal or better.


A June 1948 FBI memo included background profiles on members of a twelve-member commission established in 1947 to streamline operations in the federal government. Joseph Kennedy, one of the twelve members, was made a Special Service Contact for the FBI’s Boston office shortly after this memo was written.

Cover Memo


Date: June 9, 1948

Maj: [blacked out text]

To: Mr. Nichols

From: Mr. A. Jones


You will recall that some weeks ago you suggested that complete memoranda be prepared on the twelve-member commission appointed pursuant to a bill of July 7, 1947, to make studies which will help Congress promote efficiency in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. This Commission reportedly will sit until April, 1949, and is under the leadership of the Honorable Herbert Hoover. Among its purposes are defining and limiting functio- [cut off text] abolishing unnecessary services, eliminating duplication, cutting down expenditures, etc....


Background Profile of Joe Kennedy

June 9, 1948


Re: Joseph P. Kennedy

I. Background

A. Personal History

....In 1926, Kennedy sold part of his little theater chain, bought control of the Film Booking Offices of America, and started making motion pictures. In 1928, he became special supervisor on the board of Pathe, and later chairman of the board. He bought a controlling interest in Keith, Albee, Orpheum Theaters Corporation and for five months served as chairman of their board. Finally, a reshuffling of stocks and the formation of Radio, Keith, Orpheum, left him holding a fortune in RKO. He retained only the chairmanship of Pathe, and left that position in 1930, but when he quit the movies he was reportedly worth five million dollars.

(Current Biography 1940; Who’s Who in America 1948-49)...

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Guest Robert Morrow


Absolutely Lyndon Johnson slaughtered John Kennedy. Evidence just keeps pouring out over the decades to support this notion. Lyndon Johnson was the nexus that tied all the powerful Kennedy-haters together: CIA, mob, military. Anti-Casto Cubans would be an adjunct to CIA/military in this regard.

Barr McClellan a lawyer for LBJ's law firm says that it was believed by key players in the law firm that Lyndon Johnson (acting via Ed Clark) was in on the assassination. Madeleine Duncan Brown his most beloved mistress of 21 years believes LBJ is guilty. How about Kennedy hater, LONG TIME CIA agent E. Howard Hunt who reports that Lyndon Johnson made a dirty deal with the CIA to murder John Kennedy. There is a good book you out to READ on this. It's called LBJ: Mastermind of JFK's Assassination. It talks all about Lyndon Johnson and the CIA/mafia murdering John Kennedy: http://www.lbj-themastermind.com/

Here are some more good books to read; several of them covering the LBJ angle:

1 LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination Phillip F. Nelson 2010 Xlibris

2 Blood, Money & Power: How L.B.J Killed J.F.K. Barr McClellan 2004 Hannover House

3 Texas in the Morning: The Love Story of Madeleine Brown and President Lyndon Baines Johnson Madeleine Brown 1997 Conservatory Press

4 Billie Sol Estes a Texas Legend Billie Sol Estes 2004 BS Productions

5 Defrauding America: Encyclopedia of Secret Operations by the CIA, DEA and Other Covert Agencies Rodney Stich 2001 Diablo Western Press

6 The Men Who Killed Kennedy - the Guilty Men DVD Nigel Turner 2002 A & E Home Studio

7 The Dark Side of Lyndon Baines Johnson Joachim Joesten 1968 Peter Dawnay

8 How Kennedy was Killed: The Full Appalling Story Joachim Joesten 1968 Tandem-Dawnay

9 The Men on the Sixth Floor Glen Sample & Mark Collum 2008 Sample Graphics

10 Power Beyond Reason: The Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson D. Jablow Hershman 2002 Barricade Books

11 A Texan Looks at Lyndon: A Study in Illegitimate Power J. Evetts Haley 1964 Palo Duro Press

12 The Texas Connection Craig Zirbel 1991 Warner Books

13 Who Shot JFK? Robin Ramsay 2009 Pocket Essentials

14 Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald Judyth Vary Baker & Edward Haslam 2010 Trine Day

15 Lee Harvey Oswald: The True Story of the Accused Assassin of President John F. Kennedy, by His Lover Judyth Vary Baker 2006 Trafford Publishing

16 Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America Russ Baker 2008 Bloomsbury Press

17 The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed Russell S. Bowen 1991 America West Publishers

18 Barry & 'the Boys': The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History Daniel Hopsicker 2006 Trine Day

19 JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters James Douglass 2008 Orbis Books

20 To Kill a President: Finally an Ex-FBI Agent rips aside the Veil of Secrecy that killed JFK M. Wesley Smearingen 2008 BookSurge Publishing

21 JFK - Director's Cut - 2 Disc Special Edition (1991) Oliver Stone 2003 Warner Home Video

22 Oswald and the CIA John Newman 1995 Carroll & Graf

23 Bloody Treason: On Solving History's Greatest Murder Mystery: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Noel H. Twyman 1997 Laurel Pub

24 The Last Investigation Gaeton Fonzi 1993 The Mary Ferrell Foundation

25 Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years David Talbot 2008 Free Press

26 Someone Would Have Talked Larry Hancock 2006 JFK Lancer Productions and @ Publications

27 The Man Who Knew Too Much: Hired to Kill Oswald and Prevent the Assassination of JFK Dick Russell 1992 Carroll & Graf

28 The Tatum Chronicles (Google Chip Tatum Pegasus for free on internet) D. G. "Chip Tatum" 1996 self-published

29 Conspiracy: Who Killed President Kennedy? Anthony Summers 1980 Fontana

30 Not in Your Lifetime Anthony Summers 1998 Marlowe & Co.

31 Spy Saga: Lee Harvey Oswald and U.S. Intelligence Philip H. Melanson 1990 Praeger Publishers

32 Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK Mark Lane 1992 Thunder's Mouth Press

33 History Will Not Absolve Us: Orwellian Control, Public Denial, & the Murder of President Kennedy Martin Schotz 1996 Kurtz, Ulmer & Delucia

34 Farewell America: The Plot to Kill JFK James Hepburn and William Turner 1968 Penmarin Books

35 Edward Lansdale's Cold War Jonathan Nashel 2005 University of Massachusetts Press

36 JFK: The Cuba Files: The Untold Story of the Plot to Kill Kennedy (Secret War) Fabian Escalante 2006 Ocean Press

37 Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy Jim Marrs 1993 Basic Books

38 The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World Fletcher Prouty 1974 Ballantine Books

39 The Radical Right and the Murder of John F. Kennedy: Stunning Evidence in the Assassination of the President Harrison Livingstone 2006 Trafford Publishing

40 Who Killed JFK? Carl Oglesby 2002 Odonian Press

41 The Yankee and Cowboy War: Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate Carl Oglesby 1976 Sheed Andrews and McMeel

42 The JFK Assassination: The Facts and the Theories Carl Oglesby 1992 Signet

43 The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider Al Martin 2002 National Liberty Press

44 Lyndon B. Johnson: A Memoir George Reedy 1982 Andrews and McMeel

45 JFK Conspiracy of Silence Charles Crenshaw 1992 Penguin Books

Beyond that, Terry, who do you believed murdered John Kennedy and why did they do it?

Edited by Robert Morrow
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Didn't Howard Hunt tell his son on his death bed that the assassination started with LBJ and went down through people like Cord Meyer and others? Of course the veracity of his statements is suspect considering his character, but why would he lie at such a late date, with nothing to lose or gain?

Edited by Otto B Cornejo
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Guest Robert Morrow

Didn't Howard Hunt tell his son on his death bed that the assassination started with LBJ and went down through people like Cord Meyer and others? Of course the veracity of his statements is suspect considering his character, but why would he lie at such a late date, with nothing to lose or gain?

Absolutely, long time CIA operative E. Howard Hunt said that to Saint John Hunt. I think the only thing he lied about was that he (Hunt) was not involved in the JFK assassination and was a "backbencher." I think it is very significant: http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/printer_1918.shtml

Special Reports

The last confession of E. Howard Hunt: US government/CIA team murdered JFK

By Larry Chin

Online Journal Associate Editor

Apr 3, 2007, 01:25

The April 5 issue of Rolling Stone features the deathbed confession of CIA operative and key Bay of Pigs/Watergate/Nixon administration figure E. Howard Hunt, The Last Confession of E. Howard Hunt by Erik Hedegaard. This piece is significant not only for its exploration of Hunt, but for breakthrough information that appears to thoroughly corroborate the work of key John F. Kennedy assassination researchers and historians.

Who killed JFK?

According to Hunts confession, which was taken by his son, St. John (Saint) Hunt, over the course of many personal and carefully planned father-son meetings, the following individuals were among the key participants:

Lyndon B. Johnson: LBJ, whose own career was assisted by JFK nemesis J. Edgar Hoover (FBI), gave the orders to a CIA-led hit team, and helped guide the Warren Commission/lone gunman cover-up.

Cord Meyer: CIA agent, architect of the Operation Mockingbird disinformation apparatus, and husband of Mary Meyer (who had an affair with JFK).

David Atlee Philips: CIA and Bay of Pigs veteran. Recruited William Harvey (CIA) and Cuban exile militant Antonio Veciana.

William Harvey: CIA and Bay of Pigs veteran. Connected to Mafia figures Santos Trafficante and Sam Giancana.

Antonio Veciana: Cuban exile, founder of CIA-backed Alpha 66.

Frank Sturgis: CIA operative, mercenary, Bay of Pigs veteran, and later Watergate figure.

David Morales: CIA hit man, Bay of Pigs veteran. Morales was also a figure involved with the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

Lucien Sarti: Corsican assassin and drug trafficker, possible French gunman, Grassy Knoll (second) shooter.

Would Hunt continue to tell lies on his deathbed? Perhaps. Would Hunt tell a final tall story or two, to protect himself, or perhaps deal one final slap in the face to the US government (which made him a fall guy for Watergate)? Yes. Would Hunt hide the involvement of certain individuals to whom he remained loyal, including people who are still alive? Certainly. Anything from an operative like Hunt can only be accepted with caution and healthy skepticism.

Nevertheless, Hunts scenario has the ring of truth.

Each of the named names are well-known CIA and CIA-linked players exposed by many researchers and historians who have detailed the enduring connection from the Bay of Pigs and the Dallas hit to Watergate and Iran-Contra.

The Hunt confession vindicates generations of historians, researchers and whistleblowers who have given their lives and careers to expose the truth about Dealey Plaza. While there are too many to name, they include, but are not limited to (and in no particular order): Jim Garrison, Mark Lane, Fletcher Prouty, Josiah Thompson, Carl Oglesby, Peter Dale Scott, Anthony Summers, Robert Groden, Victor Marchetti, David Lifton, Harrison Livingstone, Michael Canfield, A.J. Weberman, Sylvia Meagher, William Turner, Jim Marrs, Pete Brewton, John Newman, Philip Melanson, Hal Verb, Mae Brussell, Harold Weisberg, Oliver Stone, Mike Ruppert and Dan Hopsicker, Jim diEugenio and Linda Pease.

Meanwhile, the criminal deceptions of the US government and its corporate media, the Warren Commission, and the dirty work of cover-up specialists such as Gerald Posner and Mark Fuhrman, and the legions of JFK assassination revisionist/theorists, deserve a final rebuke, and eternal scorn.

Highlighting Hunts role

Although the Rolling Stone piece does not address it, the Hunt confession directly corroborates two classic investigations that previously exposed the role of Hunt. They are Mark Lanes Plausible Denial and Michael Canfield/A.J. Webermans Coup DEtat in America. Lanes book details how he took Hunt to court, and won a libel suit, essentially proving that the CIA murdered JFK, and that Hunt lied about his whereabouts. The investigation of Canfield and Weberman identified Hunt and Frank Sturgis as two of the three tramps arrested at Dealey Plaza.

Time has only made these investigations more relevant. More than ever, their books, and those of the JFK historians and researchers above listed, deserve to be found, read and studied.

Hunt to Nixon to Bush

The Rolling Stone piece fails to go after the roles of Richard Nixon and George Herbert Walker Bush. But the Hunt confession, if accurate, leads directly to them, to their lifelong associates, and all the way to the present George W. Bush administration.

The Dallas-Watergate-Iran-Contra connection has been thoroughly documented by the key JFK researchers, and in particular, in the work of Peter Dale Scott, one of the very first to show the deep political continuity across three decades. Daniel Hopsickers Barry and the Boys goes into even more detail on the players.

Consider the career of George H.W. Bush. He was a Texas oilman (Zapata Oil) and a CIA operative, involved with the Bay of Pigs. Bushs name was found in the papers of George DeMohrenschildt, one of Lee Harvey Oswalds CIA handlers. As documented by Pete Brewton, author of The Mafia, the CIA and George Bush, Bush was deeply connected with a small circle of Texas elites tied to the CIA and the Mafia, as well as the Florida-based CIA/anti-Casto Cuban exile/ Mafia milieu As Richard Nixons hand-picked Republican National Committee chairman, and later as CIA director, Bush constantly covered-up and stonewalled for his boss about Watergate, which itself (by the admission of Frank Sturgis and others) was a cover-up of the JFK assassination.

Tracking any of the individual CIA operatives involved with the Bay of Pigs, it is impossible to ignore or deny direct connections to George H.W. Bush and his crime family, across the Kennedy assassinations, covert operations in Indochina and, later, Latin America.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, the US government murdered John F. Kennedy. There are people still alive today who were involved directly and indirectly implicated. Some are probably even serving in positions of high influence. Some still have never been identified or touched.

All of these individuals still need to be pursued, exposed, and brought to justice.

Copyright © 1998-2007 Online Journal

Email Online Journal Editor

Edited by Robert Morrow
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Guest Robert Morrow

I asked a fellow JFK researcher: Does it seem funny that Lyndon Johnson would be asking to be in JFKs car if Lyndon knew that JFK was going to be slaughtered in a kill zone during the motorcade? The key point is that nothing that Lyndon Johnson ever did in his life justifies giving him the benefit of the doubt. Precisely the opposite. And here was his reply:

Re: But the part that puzzles me is Johnson wanting to ride with Kennedy.

JFK Researcher's comments: I wouldnt worry about this at all, and heres why:

1. The Smathers on-camera statement was made decades later, so there has to be some allowance here for a slight jumbling in recollection and re-transmission

2. (and more important) :very likely, Lyndonwhen he talked to JFK about this-- dissembled (as he always seemed to do), beat around the bush, and very likely sent a confusing message to JFK, which, in the re-telling to Smathers, may have been jumbled (and/or misunderstood) ; and then we have (as noted in my point 1) the re-telling, by Smathers, to a camera, decades later.

So this is a very interesting problem of separating the signal from the noise (as they say in information theory); and I think what is truly important is that Smathers remembers JFK complaining, on 11/18, and on a ride aboard AF-1 from Florida, that (a) he didnt want to go to Texas and (B) among the many problems he had to deal with was this business of LBJ wanting Jackie to ride with him.

This interview by Smathers provides really excellent first hand evidence of the extent to which JFK was being personally lobbied, by his own Vice President, on matters pertaining to the Texas tripi.e., on getting him to go there (to Texas, AND to Dallas) in the first place; and then to the extent of the actual configuration of which car she would ride in, in the Dallas motorcade (!). If it werent for Smathers, all wed have is the mealy-mouthed cop-out language of Sorensen, and others like him.

3. Also, please do note the logical problem if LBJ really wanted to ride with JFK: IF that little snippet of a quote were to be taken seriously (and I do not take it seriously), then the actual configuration (i.e. Car-seating) would be that Lyndon Johnson would want to be in the same car as JFK, so if that were to be sothen how could it then be that LBJ wanted Jackie to ride with him? The phrase ride with him implies separate cars. Clearly.

And, finally, for the same reason that the President and the vice President do NOT ever fly on the same aircraft, I am positive thatjust on those grounds aloneit would be a complete violation of security for the President and the Vice Presient to appear in an open car together.

So my appraisal of this re-transmission (by Smathers) of what he heard JFK saying, is that: (a) Lyndon was making a bunch of noise, complaining about this and that; and (B) buried in that noise was his real message; and that his real message was that he, as a galaant Texas, wanted the Presidents wife to ride with him. I think that the rest of what Smathers heardor thinks he heard, and then re-transmitted, in this interviewis simply false.

And again, let me repeat my reasons for saying so. . .


(1) Common sense rules out that the Pres and the Vice Pres would ride in the same limo. (Ever).

(2) IF LBJ really wanted to ride with JFK, then his request that he wanted Jackie to ride with him would make no logical sense.

OK. . . Those are my beliefs about this remarkable little piece of information.

First of all; I think its valid; and secondly, it shows what a sneaky bastard LBJ wasto try to actually lobby the President so that he would not have his wife within inches, and it would make him an easier target.

Of coursehad LBJ succeeded in this gambit, he would have to have had a lot of explaining to do afterwards, to credibly explain why Jackie was not seated next to her husband, in Dallas, as she obviously was in other cities.


Sen. George Smathers, U.S. Congress 1946-1968: I came back to Washington with the President. He was lying down. They had a bed in the Air Force One for him to lie on. So he said, Gee, I really hate to go to Texas. I got to go to Texas next week and its just a pain in the rear end and I just dont want to go. I wish I could get out of it. And I said, Well, whats the problem? He said, Well, you know how Lyndon is. Lyndon was Vice President. Lyndon wants to ride with me, but John Connally is the governor and he wants to ride and I think that protocol says that hes supposed to ride and Johnson wants Jackie to ride with him. And Connally was, at that time, a little bit jealous of Lyndon and Lyndon was a little jealous of him, so its all these fights were going on. He said, I just dont want to go down in that mess. I hate to go. I wish I could think of a way to get out of it.

Transcript from PBS "American Experience - The Kennedys Part II - The Sons" available on line here:


about 1/2 way down the page on the transcript.

You can watch the clip here at PBS. It is at the 1 hour 44 minute 30 second mark:


Edited by Robert Morrow
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Why not expand your understanding of history. The art of assassination didnt start in 1947 with the CIA.

Try understanding the reality of the Kennedy dynasty along with their political/financial backers.


Lyndon Johnson did not mastermind the JFK assassination. That's another cover story being sold to gullible suckers.

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Terry, could you give us your theory of what happened to JFK in a few words, or point us to somewhere you might have already discussed you beliefs? Your responses in this thread have gotten me curious.



JFK and RFK started their political career as "right wingers". Read the passage on page 399-400 from my previous post/link. Eleanor Roosevelt was a harsh critic of Jack Kennedy. She knew his father, and she knew what he represented.

"Mrs. Roosevelt had long despised Joe Kennedy. In the late 1930's she asked her husband why he had ever appointed that "awful" man as ambassasdor. Joe's attitude toward Jews, Nazi's and the war repulsed her, as did his criticism of Roosevelt's White House".

"Three times in nine months during 1958 Mrs. Roosevelt publicly challenged the Senators fitness to be President".


Mrs. Roosevelt represented the FDR wing of the Democratic party and Jack Kennedy wanted her support. Mrs. Roosevelt on the other hand went public with her distrust of the Kennedy political machine. This resulted in a confrontation of sorts between Eleanor Roosevelt and Senator Jack Kennedy.

Here is their exchange of letters.


JFK would switch his earlier political outlook to adopt a pro FDR policy for his Presidency. JFK would consciously revive the FDR legacy. His space program, his investment tax credit policy, were all features of the American system.

He would also win the support of Eleanor Roosevelt and the FDR democrats.

John Kennedy was not supposed to be President. His father had selected his older brother Joseph Kennedy for that job. John Kennedy was the sickly child who read the greek classics while recuperating. He also had the bitter experince of WWII and that effected his outlook. In other words he was the wrong Kennedy for the job. He broke with family tradition and with his political backers.

I believe Permindex was the apparatus deployed to murder John Kennedy. French Intelligence in 1967 issued a report identifying Permindex as the entity conduiting the money used to finance the assassination attempts against Charles De Gaulle. They were also indentified as being involved in the murder of Italian industrialist (and JFK collaborator) Enrico Mattei. Clay Shaw was a director of Permindex.

To me LBJ was scared. He knew what had been done to his boss and felt that the same fate awaited him if he crossed these guys.

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