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judge h.r tunheim transcript the arrb and the zapruder film

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Judge John R. Tunheim..fairplay magazine .. ARRB AND THE ZAPRUDER FILM BY transcript by JOE BACKES...thanks joe..


This is the public hearing of the ARRB that was seen on CSPAN by Mrs. Ben Hunter, wife of the NPIC employee who worked with Homer McMahon on producing the enlarged photos of certain frames of the film for use as briefing boards, the second set of such briefing boards made at NPIC that weekend.

She contacted the Review Board and it was because of the CSPAN show that she saw that the Review board learned of Hunter, McMahon, Captain Sands and Bill Smith and the work they did on the Z-film the weekend of the assassination.

The first set of briefing boards made from Z-film frames at NPIC was done by Dino Brugioni and his team that prepared the briefing boards for Art Lundell's briefing of CIA director John McCone.

It has yet to be established who the second set of briefing boards were made for or who was briefied with them.


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Judge John R. Tunheim..fairplay magazine .. ARRB AND THE ZAPRUDER FILM BY transcript by JOE BACKES...thanks joe..


I want to make a point of clarification here. My transcript of the ARRB public hearing on the status of the Zapruder film held at the original National Archives on April 2, 1997 is in TWO parts. John Kelin divided it into two so it would load easier for folks on his Fair Play website. Also, the entire hearing was NOT broadcast by C-SPAN. They had a recess after Art Simon spoke, and then they came back into session. Debra Conway spoke during this last bit. C-SPAN ended their taping of the hearing after Chairman Tunheim spoke following the end of Art Simon's presentation.

Part two is here - ttp://www.acorn.net/jfkplace/09/fp.back_issues/16th_Issue/arrb_zfilm2.html

Joe Backes

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The link didn't work because you forgot the "H" (in http) Joe...


Opps, sorry about that folks. So, to repeat, the April 2, 1997 ARRB public hearing on the Zapruder film transcript that I made is in TWO parts.

Part One - http://www.acorn.net/jfkplace/09/fp.back_issues/16th_Issue/arrb_zfilm1.html

Part Two - http://www.acorn.net/jfkplace/09/fp.back_issues/16th_Issue/arrb_zfilm2.html

Please note that C-SPAN did not tape everything. They stopped after some remarks Tunheim made after Art Simon spoke.

The ARRB had a short recess, the hearing had been going on for about 2 hours at this point, then Debra Conway spoke. They then had a short meeting to accept the minutes of their previous meeting on 16 October 1996, then they voted to close part of their next meetings on April 23rd - 24th, 1996. Then Steve Tilley answered a question Dr. Anna Nelson had, and that was about it.

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For what its worth, I had very substantial liaison with the ARRB on a number of matters, and one of them was the Zapruder film. In that regard, the Board got the Life/Zapruder contracts (which they did not have) from me, in June, 1996; and I wrote at least one 50 page memorandum which served to educate any reader as to how 8mm film duplication worked, and also the rudiments of optical printing. This memo also set the stage for deposing Robert Groden. Subsequently, I was actually called as a witness, and donated a rather special 35mm optical negative that I personally made from one of Moe Weitzman's originals.

After Professor Simon spoke, the transcript shows that Judge Tunheim made the following remarks:


"I will also note for the record that the Board has received thoughtful comments from David Lifton, who is an author who is concerned about this issue as well. And we have also received a letter which will be part of the public record from an attorney for the Zapruder family.



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