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Suffragettes and modern women

John Wilson

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The thought that often occurs to me is, what would the Suffragettes have made of today's 'ladettes', dressed like prostitutes and spewing up on dark street corners past midnight after a 'man binge' in raucous city pubs?rolleyes.gif Why are the role models chosen by young women- at least the ones pushed in our faces daily- usually the most plastic, uneducated and trashy? And that's leaving reality TV aside!

Whatever happened to J.K.Rowling, Denise Lewis, Nicole Kidman and Anita Roddick et al?

After all of the personal and professional sacrifices - sometimes literally- made by the ladies of the women's Suffrage movement, are modern women making the most today of their hard-earned victory? Or earning it? Of course, society has changed 100% over the last century.

During World Wars I & II, women proved themselves in all areas of life, from ammunitions to farming and beyond, not forgetting espionage and resistance in nazi-held territory.

But come 1945 when the fighting men came home, it was time once again to put the little women back in their box, return obediently to their knitting by the radio and industriously popping kids out again!

Only in the 1960's, two whole decades after the war, was there a breaking out of the repressive patriarchal mould of the very 'British' 1950's (as my mother says, anyway). Women had the pill, and that generation burst through many boundaries and taboos.

There are many great women living and working in all areas of society today, but has something been lost along the way?

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