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Jimmy Breslin on the National Mood

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No conspiracies for Jimmy Breslin.

Harper's Magazine

September 2, 2010

Jimmy Breslin on the National Mood


Before his night in Los Angeles, I am in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963, and in the days before there were these big inflammatory ads about the evils of President John Kennedy and the lousiness came out of the radios and television, small whispers when matched with what we have today, and Kennedy is in an open car and a shot comes out of the infested sky and he is gone. In the Dallas Police Headquarters at night, police in cowboy hats kept taking this pale white in a checked sports shirt out into the hall for the cameras to take pictures with them holding him, keeping him out there in a crowded hallway as if he were mounted on a target range, which he sure was. On one of these times the crush virtually plastered him into me, the sports shirt touching me, and I claim I can remember the eyes as being insane. I sure can tell you the name: Lee Harvey Oswald.

Full story: http://harpers.org/archive/2010/09/hbc-90007573

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Guest Tom Scully


Plutocrats cannot sit the extreme right down and explain their playbook to them.

Obama is the plutocrat financed, right of center front man, calculated to get them

a nice chunk of the 12.3 percent of private wealth in the U.S. still in the hands

of the bottom 80 percent; 240 million people.

If the plutocrats finance the distribution of the message, "hey, Obama is our man, he's

doing what we tell him, and without him out here as window dressing, our fear is the rise

of a Huey long/Hugo Chavez political persona as pushback against our wildly successful wealth

consolidation," they risk losing the long support of the right who have all but eliminated an actual left.

What to do?

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Breslin article quote: "His name is Sirhan Sirhan. He went to prison. His kind is not gone. When you have so many hoping for tragedy they are right over us waiting for the return of the worst of memories."

Another Obama tragedy meme? Breslin's hanging over us, like a Macy's balloon gone rogue.

Edited by David Andrews
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