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Murdoch News Corp -its GOD is money.....

Steven Gaal

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What does the phrase "to stir the pot" generally mean? And does it mean to be in some way deliberately provocative or irritating?

Deliberately provocative, yes, but not necessarily maliciously. Picture a pot of soup. A lot of ingredients have settled to the bottom, out of sight, until stirred. Metaphorically, a lot of issues/resentments/obligations can drop out of sight when nobody mentions them. One can "stir the pot" to bring issues to the surface, sometimes with malice, but sometimes merely to create awareness and effect change.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ of course stirring the pot can be malevolent ++++++++++++++++++++

Does stirring the pot with the 911 MOSQUE issue help Murdoch's military industrial and FOX news stock values ?? Of course....hah !! Murdoch even helps North Korea....QUI BONO..??.... :blink: see below

So let's see... Fox News' self-described patriots such as Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck work for a company in bed with both a radical-imam-and-mosque-funding, America-dissing Saudi prince and North Korea. Can we expect any big resignations coming soon? Don't hold your breath.




Yes , the Saudi Prince controls only 5% of the total.

Yet to be clear ,when taking about voting shares (instead of common stock) only about 6% of total voting stock normally used (unless takeover or abortion funding in health plan) , thus in most cases 3.1% of voting shares controls most companies. sg

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