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Steve Cearfoss

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My name is Steve Cearfoss and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, although I was brought up in Pittsburgh, PA and environs. I became interested in the JFK assassination early on, especially after Rush to Judgment came out.

In 1967 or 1968 while a student at Arizona State University, I became friends with a fellow student who had obtained a copy of the Zapruder film ( referred to by our small coterie as the "Zap" film) from, I believe, Fred Newcome, who lived in either Sherman Oaks or Thousand Oaks, California. Mr. Newcome who had picked up a copy of the film from Jim Garrison after Garrison subpoenaed Life magazine for its copy, was just beginning his dissection of the infamous backyard photo of Oswald focusing especially on the the rather obvious line in the chin where the photo had been cropped. The upshot is that we began showing the film around campus, which caused quite a stir and a good deal of consternation in some quarters.

After graduating, I taught school, and for 16 years worked as an editor for The Arizona Republic newspaper in Phoenix. I am now retired and have been looking into the careers of Winston Scott and John Paisley.

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