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Blaine's Secret Service book gets approval from agency!

Vince Palamara

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From Gerald Blaine's blog


(public domain-all blogs are open to readers all over the world to

read, cut and paste, and do as they wish, as long as there is no

misrepresentation. I have to state this so Mr. Blaine's attorney

doesn't send me another letter!)

"Saturday, September 4, 2010

Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service

(AFAUSSS) Annual Meeting- New York City- August 26-28.

“The Kennedy Detail”

At the annual conference of the 2500 member former Secret Service

Agents Association last week in New York City, Lisa McCubbin and I

[Gerald Blaine] presented an overview of the book at the business

meeting to ensure the agents that the publication was “Worthy of Trust

and Confidence.” With six of the surviving members of the Kennedy

Secret Service Detail in attendance, it was also an ideal opportunity

to acknowledge their participation in the book and thank them for

helping to ensure the accuracy of its contents. It was a proud moment

when the members of the association gave us [Lisa and Gerald]a

standing ovation and tribute of recognition to the Kennedy Detail

agents who were there.

Following the presentation Lisa and I [Gerald Blaine] presented a

check to the organization for $5,000.00 to AFAUSSS President Ike

Hendershot on behalf of the Kennedy Detail.

At the conference opening reception Clint Hill, Lisa McCubbin and I

[Gerald Blaine] met with Secret Service Director Sullivan and

discussed the book from the perspective of today’s operations. Clint

Hill, who lives in the Washington DC area, had previously briefed the

Director on the accuracy and purpose of writing the book.

I [Gerald Blaine] am the sole surviving charter member and a past

president of the organization. The association was conceived by Floyd

Boring and Jerry Behn with the assistance of fifteen charter members.

Jerry Behn was the Special Agent in Charge of the Kennedy Detail and

Floyd Boring was an Assistant Agent in Charge. The organization's

mission is to maintain social and professional relationships, to

liaison with the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies and

to support and assist members of the Secret Service Family in times of

stress or need, including scholarships.

The closing banquet featured speaker was former president Bill

Clinton, who expressed his gratitude for the Secret Service and the

professional manner with which they performed their mission."


Very interesting.

Vince Palamara

P.S. Gerald Blaine's book "The Kennedy Detail" is coming out 11/2/10 via Simon and Schuster (!) and there will also be a 2 hour Discovery Channel documentary on the book with seven former JFK era agents (Blaine, Toby Chandler, Clint Hill, Tom Wells, Paul Landis, Winston Lawson, and David Grant) 11/21/10



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Could not the picture on the bottom be described as "Halfback is right on top of the presidential limousine"?

Or, bumper to bumper?

If so, something has not been right here, in this regard. Agents running toward the limousine called back? Well they should have ran into the limousine as they stepped off their car. And in the Zapruder film, it looks like Clint Hill had all this distance to cover before he reached the limousine!

Anyway, in my opinion, the Secret Service needs the endorsement of someone like Bill Clinton and they also need a conference to talk about how good they are.

And I am sure they are a great bunch - with one exception - November 22, 1963, when by all appearances they fell asleep on the job.

Or , they were ordered to do so.

I guess they had no other choice, but are forever stuck with the stigma of their actions. ( and inactions )

Edited by Peter McGuire
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