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Thank you Bernice

As you may know it is my belief that this subject may be the primary reason that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. John J. McCloy, Kennedy's chief arms negotiator, had resigned over this issue and Gen. Maxwell Taylor had openly argued against the treaty with the President. Taylor's commencement speech at West Point in June of 1963 is an interesting read when overlaid with the political issues surrounding the Limitied Test Ban Treaty, the roll of an elected President in a Constitutional Government, the security of the United States and the duty of a professional soldier under the Constitution of the United States.

From the excerpts it seems that even Kennedy beleives the treaty was only a short term policy that may not have been in the long term interest of the US, as much a political tool as real instrument designed to stop the spread of nuclear testing. It also seems that the political capital expended was a pressure point that Kennedy seems well aware of.

Will have to study this material further. Thank you again

Jim Root

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Your very welcome Jim, i admit, i realized it might be important to some member something niggled, but admit i forgot whom...i will not again, i hope there is some information within, that may help bring all together for you, and thanks also for your continued research that you so willingly post and share with all, that is very appreciated, take care best b

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