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How many people did it take to assassinate JFK

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I strongly believe this was a truly vast conspiracy.

Well put Don. I copied your last part make this point real clear.

Those covering this up would say, among other things, "that someone would have talked." Yet we know many have and were ignored, discredited or killed.

What we really need to get out of this the power of government. Simply put, when the fox guards the henhouse, the chickens don't have a chance.

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Guest Robert Morrow

I want to heartily endorse Don Jeffies comments. It seems to me that the JFK assassination was a LARGE CONSPIRACY. And the more I learn, the more I think that JFK's National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy was involved in the murder with the plotters who I think were Lyndon Johnson and the CIA. Please note: McGeorge Bundy was CFR and many CFR players have lied constantly about the JFK assassination. Add in Henry Cabot Lodge, too, as a very possible plotter. Any East Coast CIA top player is a suspect.

Dean Rusk, Henry Cabot Lodge, McGeorge Bundy, NSAM 263, NSAM 288

Revealing reply by one of Tree Frogs readers.

"Lets not follow the rabbit trails, and keep it simple, Rusk and Cabot lodge twisted and turned the dates of the Honolulu Conference several times thus making sure it coincided with the Dallas event (not an accident).......Mac Bundy was the coup co-ordinator and managed the WHSR that afternoon, Fletcher said we should all move straight from NSAM 263 to NSAM 288........meaning that 273 was the fluff or the equivalent of a smoke and mirrors document....IMO...the Rusk/Cabot Lodge cables manoevring the date of the conference is the key...bear in mind this is the same Rusk who testified under oath to the SSCI that he never heard of Oswald prior to the assassination....but signed off on documents relating to Oswald's return from Russia.."


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