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Why did/do the Kennedys remain silent?

John Dolva

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Ok, Frankie, that's kinda heading where I'm thinking. Sure, go low. There are lives at stake.

Old Money assumes a wide familal base and a strong power base. Would you sit back and do nothing? Publicly maybe...

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Thank you Martin. I'll read it as soon as I get my hands on a copy. Otherwise, I am aware that RFK may very well have been intending to do so.

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Guest Robert Morrow

The Kennedys have always believed that a domestic conspiracy murdered JFK and probably/possibly RFK, too. RFK and Jackie, using a trusted back channel source, told the Russians that in Dec. 1963. Btw, the Russians have always believed it was LYNDON JOHNSON who murdered John Kennedy as their released intelligence files say. Read the super book Brothers by David Talbott to learn the details on this. It proves without a doubt that RFK believed it was a domestic conspiracy that murdered his brother JFK.

RFK knew it was a domestic conspiracy that murdered JFK. He kept silent on this and lied and pretended to support the Warren Commission. RFK was thinking about his future political career and did not want to be savaged by the CIA Operation Mockingbird assets in the MSM.

After RFK was assassinated, the rest of the Kennedy family was too INTIMIDATED to speak out about the conspiracy that most of them believed in, that murdered JFK and RFK.

James Douglas, author of JFK and the Unspeakable, says that a prominent Kennedy supports his book and what he is doing, except that this Kennedy does not want to be visible today doing that, even 47 years.

In my opinion, the Kennedys need to get off their butts and start supporting people who are getting out the truth on the JFK assassination. I do think there is some COWARDICE on the Kennedys' part, after 2 of the alpha males of their family were slaughtered.

The Kennedy's care too much about what the MSM media LIARS have to say about the JFK assassination.

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Ok, Frankie, that's kinda heading where I'm thinking. Sure, go low. There are lives at stake.

Old Money assumes a wide familal base and a strong power base. Would you sit back and do nothing? Publicly maybe...

I have been thinking about what I would have done in that situation, in Marina's shoes, and the Kennedy's. I don't think I would have the courage to put my family on the line. Maybe privately I would try and do something.

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Guest Robert Morrow

Ok, Frankie, that's kinda heading where I'm thinking. Sure, go low. There are lives at stake.

Old Money assumes a wide familal base and a strong power base. Would you sit back and do nothing? Publicly maybe...

I have been thinking about what I would have done in that situation, in Marina's shoes, and the Kennedy's. I don't think I would have the courage to put my family on the line. Maybe privately I would try and do something.

Put yourself in Robert Kennedy's shoes. He kept quiet with his belief that a domestic conspiracy murdered his brother. RFK even LIED and said he completely supported the Warren Report farce in the fall of 1964. RFK was doing this to protect his political viability; not wanting to challenge the CIA Operation Mockingbird assets in the media then and for decades spouting the Big Lie.

And RFK still got his brains blown out. Ignoring the Ugly Reality does not make you safer. In fact, it probably emboldened his enemies to take him out; they got away with it scot free with JFK.

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I'm trying to formulate a response keeping in mihd the topics starting point.

An important factor is the context within which human nature acts.

In this case a display of courage, not just by the alphas but the whole (irish) clan. Plus all of the close associates. JFK did not draw a salary, he was independently very wealthy and he was just one of many. I don't think the devotion to the cause ended with the assassination but having been ''exiled'' from the influence that significant public office accords, the courage would express itself in another form. (I'll pause for now. The implied form is probably obvious.) There are some unanswered questions that I'd like to explore. (Any thoughts from any perspective are obviously welcome).

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For John Dolva: In the 1930's the Kennedys were considered the nuveau riche in the eyes of the old money of Boston and the surrounding areas. They were the upstarts, if you will. Rumors abounded that Joe Kennedy made the bulk of his money by profits from bootleg alcohol distribution during Prohibition, although few would charge that to his face. So when JFK was elected president, he was not yet considered to be from old money...although the Kennedys may be seen as old money these days, some 50 years later.

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Ok, thank you, Mark. That helps with wider context.

I wonder why few would charge it to his face if they were just upstarts. Something must have come before.(?)

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Guest Tom Scully


I know you read this, and I included a lot of supporting detail above this excerpt, and your reply is right under it.:

....Bobby Kennedy was much smarter than I am, he was an expert on the subject of Jimmy Hoffa and the mob, and he knew almost everything I've presented in this post, yet he permitted the Chicago Syndicate to place its attorney on the WC, to determine that neither Oswald nor Ruby had discernible mob ties, and then remained publicly supportive of the WC's "findings", and seems to have persuaded his brother Teddy and his sister-in-law, Jackie to do likewise.

Albert Jenner smelled almost as bad, in 1963, as Stanford Clinton did. The Pritzkers pushed Clinton away, while Earl Warren, Tom Clark, and Dean Acheson were sponsoring Jenner to spearhead the most sensitive investigation in recent times, and the US Attorney General and dedicated mob opponent, all but held the door for this corrupt, bi-partisan, mob influenced whitewash. Jenner's role in representing the man who controlled the company awarded the TFX contract, investigation of which had just been shut down in December of 1963, does not even need to be emphasized, for the WC Report to look like a mob tainted mess.


Why was the Kennedy reaction, to the compromised WC, considering what Bobby had to know, no reaction?

Joe Kennedy's father was a prosperous saloon keeper and his father-in-law was the former mayor of Boston. The family had enough money and influence to send Joe to good schools and to place him in position to be the young president of a small bank, but his origins are not what most Americans would describe as "old money." It all came in Joe's own generation.:


Vile Acts of Evil - Volume 1 - Banking in America - Page 169

Michael A. Kirchubel - 2009 - 280 pages - Preview

States to go bankrupt and close their doors.‖ – Eustace Mullins, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, 1952. Joseph P. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy's father, was worth 4 million dollars in 1929. By 1935 that had increased to over 100 million ...

The link in the box above will display a page full of sources for the above information.

I recently posted on another thread that, by 1957, Fortune magazine published a comment that there were only 15 Americans wealthier than Joe Kennedy.

Kennedy's first $4 million came from Wall Street stock trading, the sale of his small chain of movie theaters, and from profits made as a movie producer. The next $96 million came from liquor distribution rights obtained in anticipation of the end of prohibition in 1933, and from whatever one can dig up related to illegal liquor sales activity between 1929 and 1933. There isn't much there, of substance, so far, and since the FBI did not even mention ties to illegal liquor in their 1930's background investigation of Joe Kennedy, I doubt persuasive details can be turned up.

Returning to Bobby....all he had to do was privately and then publicly, ask LBJ or Earl Warren why mob lawyer Jenner was appointed a high ranking WC investigative counsel...I've shown in the post I linked to that as Atty General and former Senate committee counsel, Bobby had to know this...and the course of the cover up would have been changed.

Since he did not ask, I think it is possible that discovering that Jenner was brazenly installed in that sensitive, WC position was all Bobby needed to know in order for him to stand down to protect himself and his family, resigned to live to fight another day.

John, I am still discovering how pervasive the corruption in the U.S. is to this day. I've posted an opinion before that Obama's biggest early backers were two of the largest and most mobbed up Chicago family fortunes. It seems to be S.O.P.:


Greensboro News & Record: OBITUARIES‎

Oct 17, 1993

Gene J DeMatteo 60 of Palm Beach died Friday Oct 15 1993 ... served on the American Cause of Wash D.C. and the Council for National Policy

SSDI search result indicates a matched date of death for the man in the obit above, listed as E.J. Dematteo.

Nixon appointed the corrupt republican Connecticut governor Meskill to the federal judicial bench and he was later appointed to

an appellate court judgeship.:




...Lessor: State Leasing, Inc. — Mr. Eugene DeMatteo, President and Treasurer:

Mr. Sidney Zolot, Vice President and Secretary ; Mr. Robert J. Murray, Asst.

Secretary ; and Mr. Arthur Barbieri and Mr. Eugene DeMatteo, Stockholders.

Lessee Agencv : Motor Vehicle Department.

Terms : 3-1-71 to 2-28-86. $84,682.92 from 3-1-71 to 3-1-72 for 17,828 Square

Feet. .$106,875 from 3-10-72 to 2-28-86 for 22,500 Square Feet.

Anali/ftis. — This lease was the subject of a Public Hearing held by this sub-

committee on December 17, 1974...

...On October 2, 1969, Department of Public Works Commissioner Charles

Sweeney approved Mr. DeMatteo's proposal to build a Motor Vehicle Office at

that site. It was not until SV2 months later that Mr. DeMatteo bought this land.

It should be noted that New Haven Democratic Town Chairman Mr. Arthur

Barbieri has a 50% interest in this leasehold which he said he acquired in lieu

of a real estate commission on the deal.

Since the Department of Motor Vehicles on February 25, 1969 received the plot

plan of a site which had previously been offered and apparently not accepted, we

cannot understand why Mr. DeMatteo's lease proposal, based on the .same parcel,

was later accepted on August 1, 1969....

....770-776 Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn.

Lessor: 770 Chapel Street Associates— Mr. Harry Komisar (26.6%) ; Mr. Julius

Komisar (26.6%); Mrs. Belle Sherman (26.6%); Mrs. Arthur Barbieri (10%) : and Mr. Eugene DeMatteo (10%).

Lessee Agencies : Workmen's Compensation Department, Labor Department —

Unemployment Division, Judicial Department, Family Relations Division, Chief Public Defender's Office....

...The other personalities in the lessor corporation who are worthy of mention

are Mr. Arthur Barbieri and Mr. Eugene DeMatteo. Mr. Barbieri is the New

Haven Democratic Town Chairman and has control of 10% of this building by

virtue of his wife's legal interest in the facility. Mr. Eugene DeMatteo, a multiple

lessor with the State, has a 10% interest in his own name. In an interview with

the sub-committee's staff, Mr. Barbieri explained his role in this project. Mr.

Barbieri said that he acted as the realtor for the 770 Chapel Street Building

and in that capacity advised Mr. Komisar of the State's need for space. He also

stated that in lieu of his real estate commission he had received a 20% interest

in the building, placed in his wife's name. Mr. Barbieri then transferred half of

this interest over to Mr. DeMatteo since the latter had been in other business

ventures with him and he wanted him included in this particular building.

It should be noted that according to our investigation, Mr. Barbieri's aware-

ness of the State's need for space was without the benefit of an official request

by the first State agency in the building — the Workmen's Compensation Depart-

ment. Mr. Barbieri explained this by saying that it was conmion knowledge

that Workmen's Compensation was leaving their old lea.sehold. It should be men-

tioned that Mr. DeMatteo's recounting of his interest in the building varies from

Mr. Barbieri's. Mr. DelMatteo stated that he was given a 10% interest by Mr.

Komisar directly in return for his professional services as a construction man-

ager for the renovation of this building.

In our search of the Department of Public Works files concerning the Work-

men's Compensation Lease at 770 Chapel Street in New Haven, the sub-committee

found no documentation of this agency's official request for space. In fact, the

entire negotiation of this lease was apparently done in a highly informal manner,

violative of established leasing procedures. Mr. Chester Zaniewski, Leasing Chief

of the Dei)artment of Public Works, gave Workmen's Compensation Commis-

sioner Harry Koletsky prints of the projjosed office layout at 770 Chapel Street....

Naugatuck News December 18, 1974

Counsel Says: State Got Bum Deal in Hamden

(Page 1) http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4132/5023847623_7f8ac3c3e4_b.jpg

(Page 2) http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4148/5024457868_a4e0713bfd_b.jpg

Related article describes the shocking betrayal of the public trust by both CT political parties.


Naugatuck News November 20, 1975

Familiar Names Cropping Up As Scandal Probe Continues

Background of Connecticut democratic party boss who made the careers of Thomas and Chris Dodd and influenced Bill Clinton.:


Arthur T. Barbieri, 82, Democrat Who Built New Haven Machine

August 5, 1998

"...President Clinton worked in Mr. Barbieri's office in 1970, volunteering for the State Senate campaign of Joseph I. Lieberman,....Only two weeks ago, Mr. Clinton telephoned Mr. Barbieri and invited him to the White House, but members of Mr. Barbieri's family said he declined the invitation because of poor health."


1996-09-02|us|convention \'96: who is dick morris?

....And what's astonishing about him is that he sits at the right hand of a President who cannot quite trust him. He's a Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat again, a longtime Clinton adviser who for two years traveled the country telling Republicans that in 1996 Clinton would be defeated--if not indicted. Which begs a question: How did such a rogue become the most influential private citizen in America? Morris, 48, is one of those rare humans who seem to burst into life fully formed, already knowing what they know. His subject from birth was politics--not the liberal idealism so fashionable during his youth but the fierce, old-fashioned power plays of the New York City clubhouse system. Growing up in Manhattan, Morris often joined his father for long walks through the city. Eugene Morris would give his only child lessons in political organization, patronage and the favor-bank system. A top real estate lawyer who did the deals that created Lincoln Center, Gene Morris had learned from a master: his uncle Al Cohn, the Democratic boss of the Bronx. Cohn had raised Gene like a son after Gene's natural father abandoned him. Cohn's youngest child was Roy Cohn, who grew up to be one of the most hated and feared right-wing power brokers of his generation. Another Morris cousin is the liberal cartoonist Jules Feiffer. The tug of opposing ideologies is encoded in his genes....


August 04, 1998 BARBIERI, Arthur T.

".. He attended New Haven schools and was the recipient of a Sterling Scholarship to Yale University. During World War II, he served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army. After the war, he became sales manager for Golden Crest Ice Cream Co. in New Haven. In 1951,

he was elected Town Clerk, the only democrat elected that year. In 1953, he became Democratic Town Chairman, and with the election of Richard C. Lee as mayor of New Haven, he was appointed Director of Public Works in 1954... Until very recently, he was a member of the Democratic State Central Committee..."


Midge Renault & The Heyday Of The Mob

Aug 25, 2009

"..In the late 1940s, Mele’s friends hired top-flight New Haven lawyers to get him paroled. A postcard of the New Haven Green signed “Gyp — The Kid from Down Under” informed him the lawyers had been hired. Gyp was the nickname of an infamous New Jersey mobster, Angelo “Gyp” DeCarlo.

The attorneys assured the authorities that Mele was reformed. All he wanted to do was sell ice cream for his nephews’ New Haven business, Golden Crest Ice Cream, also known as Royal Ice Cream.

“The plant has been constructed by his five nephews and I was surprised to learn that while plans for construction were underway, they consulted with Ralph and received from him much valuable assistance,” Mele’s attorney Alfonso Fasano wrote the prison warden on December 30, 1947. “Ralph is expected to take an important role in the operation of the plant as soon as he is permitted to do so by the Board of Parole. This is a great opportunity to do our part toward rehabilitating a man and bringing back into his rightful place in the community one who was formally an outcast. I know that you feel that saving a man is a far greater service than punishing a man.”

The next month, the parole board released Mele, and he became a salesman for Golden Crest Ice Cream earning $89 a month.

It was just a front. The FBI would later conclude that Mele and several partners who also had front jobs at Royal Ice Cream operated a lucrative New England-wide illegal lottery. The “Mutual Pool Lottery” tickets were printed in New York and later New Jersey and then distributed by Mele and his partners. Some of the biggest names in organized crime — Frank Costello, New Jersey gangster Abner “Longie” Zwillman and Providence-based Raymond L.S. Patriarca — had a piece of the action,..

Mele was soon able to move his family into a house on one of swankiest neighborhoods in the city...

..Midge wasn’t the only one off the hook when the Mele investigation petered out. Arthur T. Barbieri, a rising star in the city’s Democratic Party, also heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Arthur had grown up in Fair Haven next door to Mele’s nephews and married their sister. He had known Mele since at least February 1944, when he visited him in prison. Two days after their jailhouse meeting, Arthur was discharged from the army, the reason a mystery. While his former army buddies in the 100th Division fought bloody battles on the German frontier, Arthur borrowed money from a Bridgeport mobster and opened The Top Hat Club in New Haven.

By the late 1940s, Barbieri was helping run Golden Crest Ice Cream, signing a note for the business’ trucks. He also started working with the Democratic Party.

In 1949, Barbieri worked closely with Democratic candidate Richard C. Lee in an attempt to unseat Republican Mayor William Celentano. They nearly succeeded and were gearing up for another try when Mele was murdered. Luckily for them, Barbieri, who still worked at the Golden Crest Ice Cream where Mele purported to be employed, was never publicly tied to the gangster.

Lee finally beat Celentano in 1953 on his third try. a group scooped Lee up on their shoulders and paraded him around the room. One of those men was Midge Renault.

Barbieri became one of the city’s most powerful men...


Richard C. Lee, 86, Mayor Who Revitalized New Haven


Published: February 4, 2003

... Mr. Lee, whose formal schooling ended when he graduated from Hillhouse High School in New Haven in 1934, was an intuitive, street-smart politician with a keen eye for public relations. He became the driving force behind many of the city's largest building projects.

As mayor from 1954 to 1970, Mr. Lee, a Democrat, leveraged hundreds of millions of dollars from the state and federal governments to raze blighted city neighborhoods, feats documented in national magazines and newspapers. ...

... Richard Charles Lee was born on March, 12, 1916. He grew up in a cold-water apartment in the working-class Newhallville neighborhood. His father, Frederick, worked at the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

After high school, Mr. Lee took a job as a reporter with The New Haven Journal-Courier after bluffing his way through an interview...

... At 21 he became a member of the Democratic Party. Soon he was elected an alderman and helped draft the first budget for the city's Planning Commission. After winning three more terms and, in 1943, after a medical discharge from the Army because of ulcers, Mr. Lee was hired by Yale University, first to handle its wartime news digest and later to head its public relations bureau. It was there that he learned to connect with people from every walk of life.

''Dick was always perfectly comfortable with people who had greater educations than he,'' said Robert A. Dahl, a Sterling professor of political science emeritus at Yale and author of a 1963 book, ''Who Governs? Democracy and Power in the American City,'' which documented the changes Mr. Lee was making in New Haven. ''You never felt that he was manipulating you. He was, probably, but he was always listening.'' ....

... After two failed mayoral campaigns -- the second of which he lost by two votes -- Mr. Lee beat the Republican mayor in 1954 and kept the job for 16 years, still a New Haven record. But New Haven was a city that was losing its industrial job base and whose inner city was expanding because of an influx of Southern blacks.

One of his first actions was to convene a committee of residents to come up with ways to reinvent New Haven, a northeastern city that despite Mr. Lee's emphasis on redevelopment has continued to struggle with more than its share of poverty and unemployment.

''We are taking the town out of the 18th century and projecting it into the 21st,'' he once told his constituents. And if Mayor Lee was anything, his friends said, he was a pragmatist who knew who to get to know and how to get things done.

In 1957, John F. Kennedy, then in the Senate, traveled to New Haven to campaign for Mr. Lee. To shore up New Haven's large Italian electorate, the mayor brought in Rocky Marciano, the boxer. He won that election by a two-to-one margin.

By the end of the 1950's, New Haven was receiving far more federal aid per capita than any other city in in the county, Professor Wolfinger said.


Bob Kennedy to Help Lee in New Haven Race

Pay-Per-View - Hartford Courant - Nov 2, 1967

Robert F. Kennedy will campaign Friday for ailing Mayor Richard C. Lee, the mayor's office announced Wednesday. NEW HAVEN (UPI) --Sen. ...

Lee Pushing for RFK State Machine

Pay-Per-View - Hartford Courant - May 3, 1968

Mayor Richard C. Lee of New Haven is seeking to create a statewide organization to work in behalf of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy for the Democratic presidential ...


Bob Kennedy to Help Lee in New Haven Race

Pay-Per-View - Hartford Courant - Nov 2, 1967

Robert F. Kennedy will campaign Friday for ailing Mayor Richard C. Lee, ... Lee was one of the advisors to President John F. Kennedy when he was campaigning ...


Yale Daily News - Renowned former mayor Lee dies at 86...

Yale Daily News - Feb 3, 2003

By Jacob Leibenluft Richard C. Lee, a New Haven mayor who directed the ... Lee was on a first-name basis with former President John F. Kennedy, and he had .

John, the point of all of this documentation is an attempt to convey to you that, while republicans do not pretend to represent anyone other than the wealthiest/most powerful, democrats act as if they are the political opposition, but are likely instead to be "bought off" by the cabal of great wealth, or bought off and or intimidated by organized crime elements. Arthur T. Barbieri on the surface was democratic party power broker and mentor to the likes of Richard Lee and Bill Clinton, but he also was a Yale grad, a mob front man, and a business partner of a right wing extremist (Dematteo) "American Cause" and Council for National Policy member, and their "business" was Arthur accepting payoffs of ownership in portions of state leased buildings he paid nothing to own and collect a portion of state supplied revenue from. Clinton loved him and Cohn family grandson, Dick Morris.

The Kennedy brothers loved mob sponsored Richard C. Lee. This history explains Obama acting more like Bush-Cheney than what a democratic president, post Bush, would advertise himself to be. The Kennedy brothers, as their father had, immersed themselves in this polluted, corrupted political system, were successful in return for selling themselves out, and it seems Bobby was left with little "wiggle room" after his brother's sudden death.

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Thank you, Tom.

Very informative, which takes one back to the early part of the last century. Ok, they deal in stock. Not exactly what the average person does. They accumulate a pot of 4 million bucks. Doesn't seem like much?


''Sometimes you want to know how very rich people compare.

Recently it was reported that Warren Buffet is the richest person in the world and is worth $62 billion today.

When John D. Rockefeller died in 1937 he was worth $1.4 billion.

Who is richer in their time?

Either man could buy anything they want (that is or was available at the time they live).

But the question of how economically powerful they are can be best measured by how big their wealth is compared to the economy they live in.

This is measured by share of GDP and for Rockefeller, that number is $217 billion, or nearly four time greater that Mr. Buffet.''

so choosing GDP in this case : and assuming 1929 as a starting point : US$ 4,000,000.00 = US$ 550,000,000.00 in 2009, so even the startup capital could very well, in todays terms, be high.

...a few years later it is $19,400,000,000.00 in 2009 terms.

JFK was estimated around 400,000,000.00 around 1960, > $10,800,000,000.00 in 2009.

It strikes me as a huge early power base.

So I don't think that particular question is answered just yet. It seems to be, but I don't think so.

Something came earlier still.

These indicates a number of generations of high wealth and therefore a power base.

(I'm leaving the rest of your post for later except to say, yes corruption is found throughout the spectrum.)

edit typos

Edited by John Dolva
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Ok, Frankie, that's kinda heading where I'm thinking. Sure, go low. There are lives at stake.

Old Money assumes a wide familal base and a strong power base. Would you sit back and do nothing? Publicly maybe...

I have been thinking about what I would have done in that situation, in Marina's shoes, and the Kennedy's. I don't think I would have the courage to put my family on the line. Maybe privately I would try and do something.

Marina Schriver? Well one of things Marina did was to marry a Nazi :D , the current Governor of California.

The Kennedy clan is interesting that's for sure.

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The top financial contributor to Edward Kennedy's political campaign of 1976 and 1980 was Joseph Linsey

Joseph Linsey was an associate of Meyer Lansky and the Bronfman family out of Montreal. The Bronfman's attorney was "Louis Mortimer Bloomfield" the head of Permindex.

Joseph Linsey (May 27, 1899-November 24, 1994) was an organized crime figure in Boston's underworld during Prohibition, associated with Joseph Kennedy and Meyer Lansky, and later became a prominent businessman and philanthropist, specifically his contributions to Brandeis University


Joseph Linsey "Bootlegger turned Philanthropist"


The Reinfeld Syndicate


Papa Joe also had business liaisons with the seamier side of the illegal distribution market. During his own bootlegging days in Prohibition, Kennedy entered into a coalition with Newark's Reinfeld Syndicate, 50% owned

by the Bronfman gang. Joe retained his business dealings with the syndicate thugs until 1946. At that time, in preparation for the launching of his sons' political careers, Joe sold his liquor company, Somerset Importers Ltd., for $8 million to 'Renfield Importers'--a revised version of the Reinfeld Syndicate.*

"As the end of Prohibition approached, Kennedy again turned to London, where Winston Churchill personally approved the grant given to him for the British distillers' franchise for the American market. Through Kennedy's Somerset

Importers, Ltd. and Renfeld Importers, Kennedy marketed Dewar's scotch, Gordon's gin, Ron Rico rum, and Haig and Haig.**

"...Kennedy acknowledged the deal by placing his accumulated fortune in the hands of one of the inner circle of London finance: Lazard Brothers, Ltd. Andre Meyer, head of the New York branch of that house, became the manager

of the Kennedy Estates. Lazard Brothers, Ltd. is owned by Viscount Cowdray (Weetman John Churchill Pearson), who is the cousin of Winston Churchill

Edited by Terry Mauro
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Terry, I suspect Frankie means Marina Oswald, as a mother, but I think you know that?


Just to add to the previous post, when one talks about a persons worth, that refers to unencumbered monies. This is usually accompanied with money flows and often there are ''hidden'' assets for tax minimisation purposes, so the 4 million and the startup capital in toto could be considerable higher.

I think one needs to look back further still.

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Bobby was coming apart at the seams after the death of his brother.But rallied later on when going for the presidency.this being cut short by the same horror .Teddy had his hands tied by chappaquidick(which I think was an attempt on him)Then just to put a cap on it John Junior dies in a suspicious way .I believe the family that was left made a decision to accept defeat and leave things well alone .Here in the U.K. we have the Guinness family another very rich but unforunate family who suffered tragedy after tragedy they now seem to just shrunk back into the countryside and live peacefully .Our own royal family has suffered through terrorism but as they are the face of the country they maintain the stiff upper lip and carry on I guess this is what dynasties do they survive maybe one day to attempt to put right the wrongs of the past.

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Yes, Ian, I think you're touching on a part of the answer. Though I wouldn't call a defeat. A battle lost maybe. There are other Kennedy's waiting in the wing and I think the world will hear from them one day. (''what goes around, comes around''). This generational patience as opposed to shortlived glamour is one thing that differentiates old money from new.

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