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Why did they switch wheels at Rector St.?

Jack White

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The other wheel, in the church parking lot.

It would be interesting to see the original of this photo to see if we can read the sign attached to the steel.


Page 12, Jack White playbook:

When you find yourself backed into a corner and your work has been shown to be wrong....CHANGE THE SUBJECT...QUICKLY!

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Was the first one from the wrong kind of plane? Clearly the wheels are not the same.


Oh Craig you forgot about page 13 from his playbook:

"A year or two after being debunked, represent the same "theory" as if it had not been discussed yet and hope no one will notice."

White, Jack.How to Play a Forum, Duluth: Assassination Science Books, 2002 pg. 13

I showed these two photos to an aeronautical engineer (has not studied

the 911 events). He identifies the parts in the red circles and guesses at

a reason for the differences.



Minimal examination reveals that nothing is missing from the wheel in the top photo indeed there is part seen in it not clearly visible in the other. As in the bottom photo the “cooling fins” (blue line) in the top one are separated from the “flower shaped” part (yellow line) by a disk (orange line).

The metal ring with tongues (black oval) which partially covers the “cooling fins” in the top photo is not seen in the bottom one. The most likely explanation is that it fell off or was removed from what ever reason between the time the 2 photos were taken.

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