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What do the Brits here think about "Red Ed" Milliband?

Does his election as party leader really indicate the party is, a least partially, returning to its roots?

What are the chances of such a young, inexperienced Jewish guy getting elected PM?

What will become of his brother will he remain Shadow Foreign Secretary?

His Jewish origins will not be a problem. Benjamin Disraeli became prime minister when anti-Jewish feeling was at its highest in Britain.

The current economic circumstances means that he will develop a set of policies that are to the left of those of Blair/Brown (not difficult to do). The newspaper barons like Murdoch will not like it but their power is in decline. Anyway, their anti-Labour propaganda will have little impact on those people suffering from the public sector cuts.

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Disraeli however was baptized, raised and practiced Anglican, Milliband is an avowed atheist, this would kill him in the US. Do you think he can win? Will you vote Labour again now that he is leader, you previously indicated you'd been voting Lib Dem.

I did vote for the Liberal Democrats in the last election. I voted that way to keep the Conservatives out, not to get them in. A recent survey showed that the majority of people who voted for the Liberals will never do so again. That includes me. It is early days yet but I fully expect to vote for Ed Miliband in the next election. The fact that he is Jewish, an atheist and an unmarried father (another aspect of his life that the right-wing press are focusing on) will have no impact on my voting intentions. Those who will be influenced by these factors, would be voting Conservative anyway.

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