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Anti Privatisation fight in WA

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Publicly owned, public revenue essentials like Telstra, The Commonwealth Bank, Electricity supply (which is set to endanger the life of many poor people in WA with a near doubling of electricity costs in one year and a very hot summer predicted) continues to be sold to the public, which essentially means wealthy and often overseas interests leading to massive job losses continue unabated in Australia.

In West Oz at the moment the right wing governement (while essentially assuring themselves of defeat in the future state election) is further degrading the services...

Sign the petition, please...


''The State Government is privatising essential services in our hospitals. The LHMU and Health Services Union have united to fight the State Government's privatisation agenda because we know that privatisation will lead to lower standards and poorer quality of care in our hospitals. We also know that it will result in fewer jobs, lower pay and increased workloads for hospital workers.

Recent experiences in Australia and around the world have shown that the privatising of government services has eroded the quality of care and lowered standards in hospitals. The State Government argues that privatisation saves money, but experience shows that privatised health services often cost taxpayers more money.

The fight against privatisation is a fight we cannot afford to lose. Please join our campaign to keep our hospitals In Public Hands.''

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