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David Hughes

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David Hughes has taught in secondary schools in Cambridgeshire, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire since 1980.

He graduated from York University with an Honours degree in History and Politics and supplemented these studies with an MA in Southern African Studies before completing a PGCE. As well as holding the Advanced Diploma in Educational Management(A), David has developed his skills in counselling, ICT and school improvement project management.

He has held responsibility at departmental, faculty and senior management level and has led whole school development projects in appraisal, study skills, curriculum enrichment, behaviour management, teaching and learning styles and staff development.

He completed his National Professional Qualification for Headship as part of Cohort One and he was an Accredited Performance Management Consultant.

David has been a member of the National School Improvement Network at the London Institute of Education since 1994 and has presented school improvement programmes involving thinking skills, student motivation, learning styles, parental involvement, Information Technology for school improvement and education business partnership.

He has written regularly on school improvement and inclusive education for the Times Educational Supplement and various online publications as well as speaking at national and regional conferences. His interests include quality assurance in school leadership, management and delivery systems, student learning and the use of IT to support wider learning objectives including motivation and progression.

David is currently involved in a range of educational consultancy projects. He has been an associate with the Greater Nottingham Education Business Partnership as well as being lead Education Consultant for OPEUS Technologies, a Nottingham based inclusive e-learning company. He is also part of the team responsible for the Educationalists contact database. David is in school on a weekly basis working with students, staff and senior management teams in all phases of the maintained and independent sector. Currently his main areas of interest are Student Motivation and Progression, Thinking Skills, 14-19 Curriculum Development and Sustainable Elearning Communities.

Beyond Education, David has been involved in Doping Control with the Sports Council and is an associate of a number of learning improvement organisations. His interests include Aviation, Industrial Archaeology and Military History.

The Learning Post is the trading name of David and a team of associates who are committed to sustainable educational improvement for all. All the presentations in the Learning Post portfolio are built around inclusion and raising motivation and are designed to foster lifelong learning.

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