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Our 'sister' forum at SchoolHistory (can I say that?) is running a third term of online seminars starting this week. Not all the details are complete but the current list includes a few familiar names:

7th January - Stephen Drew - History and Art

21st January - Andy Walker - Teacher training

18th February - Dave Wallbanks - Local History

3rd March - John D Clare - Differentiation

17th March - Daniel Letouzey - Teaching history in France

31st March - Alison Denton - Teaching the Industrial Revolution

14th April - Richard Jones-Nerzic - Using the student forum for collaborative projects

For further details and for access to some outstanding seminars in previous terms see:


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The Seminars on Schoolhistory.co.uk are intended to be a more formal discussion about teaching history and different approaches to this. The topics are suggested by the membership and chosen as a result of their perceived usefulness and interest to history teachers. Many of the topics are quite broad in their approach and are certainly not limited to the History curriculum: John Simkin, for example, led a very successful seminar on 'The student as teacher.'

With the more successful Seminars you find a large range of ideas based on one aspect of teaching and learning. This tends to differ from threads in the 'normal' part of the forum as good topics can easily be forgotten and / or bypassed. The structured nature of the programme also makes it easier for people to prepare ideas in advance, makes advertising the forus work easier - John notes the contents in his weekly newsletter and, as it is formal, allows people to concentrate on the issues without worrying about frivolous responses. Few threads in the normal section of the seminar have gone into as much depth as these seminars, the teaching the holocaust thread - also now a topic on this forum, is a rare example of a 'normal' thread becoming so detailed.

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and you can access the online seminars via


As Dan has said, the seminars are planned and prepared, so are much more structured than the rest of the discussion forum. This hopefully means that they can be effectively used in the future without digressing into chit-chat or anything else.

Anyone is obviously welcome to join in.

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So it is the same as a forum, only more structured and more in-depth discussion? is that a good summary? Thank you for explaining!

Yes - that's an excellent summary. thumbup.gif

Great idea to pinch all those nice schoolhistory smileys toothumbup.gifafro.gif

Or did I have this rather bad idea somewhere else :(:(:(

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