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"Bloody Treason"

Steve Duffy

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well i love the book.

i've read gaeton fonzi's 'the last investigation' and mark lane's 'plausible deniability' as well as hurt's 'reasonable doubt' and (on the fringes) 'dr. mary's monkey'

i think bloody treason gets very, very close and the author seems quite astute especially when e howard hunt's confession to his son basically says exactly what bloody treason does. he only missed cord meyer (and i hope researchers eventually start connecting the dots to him)

fantastic, coherent, persuasive.

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I own close to 200 books on the assassination, most all of the old classics, most all the old rare OOP books, all of the books from the 80s and early 90s and my favorite book out of them all is "Bloody Traseon"

If you have not bought it buy it, no matter if you have to pay $100.00

Its worth it

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Thanks everyone.

I ask because, as Dean pointed out, of the hundreds of books I have, it was at the top.

But someone called me out on the Z film and his handling of that part. Obviously, as I've seen here, the Z film is a contentious issue, and, to be honest, not my main area of interest.

I agree, Jim, on the Hemming aspect. That was clear when I read it.

So, back to the early authors for a time. I've neglected them for to long.


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Guest Robert Morrow

Bloody Treason is an excellent book. Many JFK folks tell me it is the best JFK book they have read of all time. It does not mean I agree with everything in there. But I agree that Twyman gets very, very close to the truth. I should add that Twymann is extremely suspicious of both Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover as to their roles in the JFK assassination.

The interview with Robert McNamara is key. Many top, elite decision makers are INTENTIONALLY IGNORANT about the JFK assassination. They don't want to learn the truth- too upsetting to them. I interviewed Bobby Ray Inman - "Mr. Intelligence" in spring 2009 and he told me that he would go to his grave thinking that Fidel Castro and Cuba killed John Kennedy. Without being disrespectful, Admiral Inman is QUITE IGNORANT about many of the aspects and facts of the JFK that many JFK researchers learn in "first grade" in JFK research. Inman was #2 at CIA, head of ONI, head of DIA and apparently he is "clueless" about the JFK assassination.

Ditto McNamara. And ditto dozens of other top military/intelligence/political/congressional/media figures. For them to accept the reality that the JFK was an elite slaughter of John Kennedy is just too big of a pill for them to swallow. They have intentionally pickled their brains consuming self-reinforcing Operation Mockingbird propaganda from the NY Times, CBS, Time-LIFE and other media. Currently The Weekly Standard, Commentary, and FOX News are the feeding outlets for lies and garbage about the JFK Assassination.

These elite players just don't want to dwell on the FACT that some of their close personal friends and colleagues MURDERED JOHN KENNEDY and covered it up for decades. And some of these elite players (I'm thinking George Herbert Walker Bush) were ... INVOLVED likely in the assassination.

And certainly someone like Sen. Arlen Specter, that opportunistic slug, was deeply involved in the COVER-UP of the JFK assassination.

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It is my understanding that Bloody Treason is among the best JFK books, however, it is cost prohibitive for many. However, Twyman has released a e-version for Kindle, look for it on Amazon!

If you don't want to purchase a Kindle, you can download free Kindle software for PC (and other platforms) at Amazon.

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