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Oopps... microwaved China,Iran,Russia...sorry !

Steven Gaal

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Interesting idea but why build it on the Moon as opposed to low earth orbit? It is harder and more expensive to build it there, you have the light speed delay if the beam drifts, and no one receiving station will always be in view. On the other hand in low Earth orbit it should be easier and cheaper to build (but still not that easy) and while no single receiving station would always be in view, if the beam drifts a signal could quickly be sent to shut it down or adjust it. Or in geostationary orbit, it would be harder and more expensive than low Earth but still far easier than the Moon, no problems with light speed delay and no having to switch receiving stations. Plus if built on the Moon, the only place it could be built to get contanst solar power would be at one of the poles. Any other place and it would provide power for two weeks at a time with two weeks off. Seems like a neat idea but seems like a waste to build it on the Moon.

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