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JFK on Halloween

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JFK on Halloween.


On October 31, 1963, the CIA mother ship The Rex was returning from an engagment off Cuba's north shore where it left off a team of anti-Castro Cuban raiders in motorized rafts, men with high powered rifles who were being sent in on a mission to kill Castro. They were met at the shore and captured.

And while the Rex got away, the Cubans tried to follow them and instead shot up a foreign freighter.

The same evening in Vietnam, the military was preparing for a coup that would lead to the deaths of the Diem brothers.

In Chicago, a plot to assassinate the President on his visit the next day was uncovered and the President called off his trip.

What if, on November 1, 1963, all three plots succeeded, and the Diem brothers were killed in Vietnam, Castro was killed in Cuba by sniper assassins and JFK was killed in Chicago by a sniper?

Would anyone believe the idea that any of them were assassinated by a Deranged Lone Nut?

What if the three plots succeeded on the same day?

What if?

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