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Peter Jones (2)

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In health and social care one of the key problems faced is the need to ensure:

* all care problems are identified,

* the person is viewed as a whole, not just as a diagnosis.

* care is planned from several perspectives: the patient, their carers, the practitioner, and service.

* those perspectives can all be represented.

Health and social care are no longer the sole preserve of the clinic or waiting lounge. As recent events have shown - diet and younger people, SARS, AIDS,... health is a National and International concern, the environment also begging for our attention. We are all so very linked, interdependent: vulnerable.

In the 21st Century it is not only health that needs tools to cope with complexity and conflict. The world desperately needs them too. A tool that:

* disarms yet empowers

* is simple yet complex

* local yet global

* applies to individuals and populations

* is neutral or activist

* is able to represent and disseminate

* engages and educates

* and transcends beliefs and borders...

Surely, no such framework exists?

While not a panacea in itself, I would like to present an idea to this community - whose time has surely come?

Developed in health and social care this tool has potential far beyond, given the complexity of the problems we now face.


Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model (h2cm)

h2cm: help-2c-more - help-2-listen - help-2-care


Our links pages cover each care domain.

For example - Sociological domain links:




I hope this is relevant to you.

Yours sincerely.

Peter Jones

Clinical Specialist: NHS Care Records Service / Informatics

Lancashire Care NHS Trust

h2cm webmaster/Contributor

Beechurst Unit



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