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JFK: 3 shots that changed America

Evan Burton

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For those interested:

"JFK: 3 shots that changed America", a three part series, is being shown on the Australian HISTORY CHANNEL starting at 7.30pm on Sunday 21 NOV 2010.

It is followed by "JFK: Inside the target car".

Please note: I don't say any programme is good or bad, worth watching or not. I'm just letting people know that they are on. If you have a comment about the programmes mentioned, please feel free to make it.

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Could I ask - from all sides of the debate - what people think of this programme for a JFK neophyte? It looks like it will be quite interesting.

3 Shots is well worth watching. As I recall, it is not so much a documentary as it is a collection of news footage. Much of this footage is quite interesting.

Inside the Target Car is another matter. While I agree with its overall conclusion--that it's unlikely the fatal shot came from the grassy knoll--I disagree with the way the program sets out to demonstrate this. It includes mucho misinformation, IMO.

One segment, in particular, is absolutely awful. They simulate a shot from the grassy knoll. After the shot is fired, Gary Mack runs down to the car and says if a shot had been fired from the knoll the bullet would have killed Jackie after passing through JFK, or words to that effect. The program supports this with a photo from their re-enactment in which the Jackie stand-in is slightly behind JFK at the moment of the fatal shot. The problem is that the re-enactment was inaccurate, and Jackie was actually slightly in front of JFK at the moment of the shot. Ironically, the program showed the actual position of Jackie in the car just seconds before this re-enactment. This is a breathtakingly STUPID error.

This mistake--which is central to the program's conclusion re the likelihood of a shot from the knoll--was almost immediately acknowledged by Mack. If you watch the show...please please report back to us whether or not this segment has been corrected. I mean, if I created a program on Watergate in which Deep Throat was mistakenly identified as Mark Feldstein, instead of Mark Felt, I'd be certain to have this corrected before syndicating the program worldwide. Wouldn't you? So why wouldn't the producers of Inside the Target Car correct an even more egregious and embarrassing error? Just a thought.

My chapter on Inside the Target Car

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I haven't seen it so can't comment on it. Tomorrow evening a two hour program on ABC tv called ''The Lost JFK Tapes'' will be televised. ABC is free to air australia wide so check local time.

edit add


''Footage highlights from THE LOST JFK TAPES: THE ASSASSINATION include:

- Local coverage of Kennedy's arrival at Dallas Love Field.

- Aftermath of the assassination at Dealey Plaza.

- The chaos at Parkland hospital.

- The arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.

- The infamous Midnight Press Conference - where Jack Ruby, Oswald's eventual killer - can be seen hovering in the back of the room.

- The shooting of Oswald by Ruby in the basement of police headquarters.

- Oswald's arrival and death at Parkland Hospital.''

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