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Amazon poster S.V. Anderson might be Vincent Bugliosi

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow
Here is an offer: I will mail $100 to the first person who can find a record of S.V. Anderson and DAVID VON PEIN being in the SAME thread (JFK thread or ANY thread) at Amazon with those posts being dated BEFORE 12/8/2010. Got that? Find me at Amazon S.V. Anderson (and his imaginary little friends) and DAVID VON PEIN in the SAME THREAD before 12/8/2010.

That's quite easy, Bob. It took me just a few minutes to find two examples from 2007 (among several others that I'm sure are there at Amazon too), one of which Morrow even participated in HIMSELF! How's that for irony?:



I'm not quite sure why this is a big deal to Bob. You know what he's going to say now, don't you? He's obviously going to say that the single "fake" poster (either Anderson or I) merely posted in the same thread under two different accounts.

But, anyway, I'll take my $100 in cash, if you don't mind. (Twenties will be fine.)

(I can now envision Bob "LBJ WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11, WATERGATE, THE HOLOCAUST, AND THE 1974 SUPER OUTBREAK OF TORNADOES IN THE MIDWEST" Morrow wrestling with this question: WHO should I mail the $100 to--Von Pein or Anderson?)


You can have the $100 anytime you want it. And by the way, wasn't DAVID VON PEIN just (12/7/10) trashing Dave Healy over here at Education Forum? http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=17058&st=60

(David G. Healy said: "this has to be torture for you David Von Pein. Nothing seems to be going well for lone nut jobs here, there and EVERYWHERE for that matter."

David von Pein: "Oh, I wouldn't say that, Davey. After all, posting on the Internet has given me the thrilling opportunity to meet up with a fabulous researcher like you -- David "Gotta Gird Them Loins" Healy -- who is a man who thinks that it's quite possible that Marilyn Sitzman and Abe Zapruder were never on the pedestal in Dealey Plaza at all on 11/22/63.

And, I ask you, who WOULDN'T want to be enlightened and lectured by a smart man like that?")

... just like S.V. Anderson was trashing Dave Healy on 8/21/07?... So you are fixated on Dave Healy, eh? Do you think S.V. Anderson has autism in addition to dementia and multiple personalties?

In reply to an earlier post on July 19, 2007 9:51 PM PDT

David Von Pein says:

Important information that's worth repeating:


In reply to an earlier post on Aug. 21, 2007 12:22 PM PDT

S. V. Anderson says:

I too have been splatered with the the lunatic brush waved by Dave Healy. He ranks among the most rabid and angry lunatics in the Kennedy conspiracy assylum. All anyone needs to know about Davy Healy is that he believes the Zapruder film was altered. Nothing else needs to be added in order to destroy all credibility this nut has with any scholar out there. Ignore him he has contributed nothing to scholarly research into the murder Oswald carried out so long ago.

Edited by Robert Morrow
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You can get the $100 anytime you want it. And by the way, wasn't DAVID VON PEIN just TODAY trashing Dave Healy over here at Education Forum? ... just like S.V. Anderson was trashing Dave Healy on 8/21/07?... So you are fixated on Dave Healy, eh? Do you think S.V. Anderson has autism in addition to dementia and multiple personalties?

It's quite interesting to watch someone unravel right before your very eyes (like Bob "LBJ CAUSED THE HINDENBURG TO CRASH" Morrow is doing right now).

Don't stop now, Morrow, you're doing great. (It's a little rough on my weak bladder, but I'll just have to tie a knot in it when I read your tripe.)

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Guest Robert Morrow

And here is the S.V. Anderson funny farm in action over at Amazon:


From S.V. Anderson's Review of Reclaiming History (which by the way DAVID VON PEIN *ALSO* reviewed at Amazon.

Last edited by the author on June 25, 2007 1:09 PM PDT

S. V. Anderson says:

NO I debate using the facts of the case, but a review of a book is NOT a debate. What is there to debate? I gave my opinioniated review. THAT is what a review is. If you believe that a book review is a supposed to be a debate you are clearly poorly read as to the purpose of a review. I will gladly debate ANY point of the Kennedy assassination with any person, well-read or not. The facts are on my side and I am anxious to enlighten anyone interested.


Followed up 2 posts later by DAVID VON PEIN

Last edited by the author on June 26, 2007 3:15 PM PDT

David Von Pein says:

>>> "You, like many others, im [sic] sure were pleased to see an anti-war president die." <<<

This, of course, is a totally-uncalled-for remark. In fact, it's completely reprehensible. Where in S.V. Anderson's review (which is excellent, btw) does S.V. give any hint at being "pleased" to see young, vigorous John F. Kennedy die?

You should issue a formal apology to S.V. Anderson asap. That was a disgusting remark. (And I've just started evaluating your miserable Amazon comment here. Maybe I should take a TUMS tablet before proceeding.)

>>> "JFK was killed by the CIA and the FBI." <<<

No, he wasn't. He was killed by a loony, lonely Fidel-loving Marxist named Lee Oswald.

>>> "He was killed b/c he didn't want to follow the norm and allow the CIA and the FBI to control the lives of millions of soldiers." <<<

I'm gonna need another TUMS before this is over, I'm sure.

>>> "You should not be rude towards others who do not agree with you." <<<

Can somebody say "Pot" and "Kettle"? Those words certainly apply here.

>>> "You [sic] debating skils [sic] are weak at best, and to be a school teacher and to be educating the way you do, well frankly that shows your lack of skill as an educator." <<<

As S.V. said to the previous (idiot) commenter, why in the heck is a REVIEW supposed to double as a DEBATING platform? It's a REVIEW, i.e., a group of words expressing an individual opinion of the item being reviewed here at Amazon (in this case, Vince Bugliosi's remarkable tome, "Reclaiming History").

BTW, Devin, you could use a dictionary. The irony of your miserable spelling while talking about "education" is classic.

>>> "You should present both sides of fact, and not show one side. Let your students figure it out for themselves." <<<

Vince Bugliosi's book DOES square with the FACTS in the JFK case, whether people like you want to believe it or not.

Do you think that S.V. Anderson should stoop to presenting the theories of every kooky Tom, Dick, and Harry (Livingstone) that has ever come down the pike? (Along with every Groden, Marrs, Garrison, Judyth Baker, and Doug Horne, to boot?)

If that type of conspiracy-loving craziness is what passes for objective educational techniques these days, I fear for today's young folks.

>>> "BTW, im [sic] sure if you enjoyed the lone gun man [sic] theory, and enjoyed when JFK died, i'm [sic] sure you enjoyed when Bush took office and send [sic] this country off to war and now 3500 of our soldiers back [sic; sigh] in body bags." <<<

Looks like a second major apology is in order. (And please get that Webster's dictionary soon.)

>>> "The facts are not on your side." <<<

Bull. The facts are on the lone-killer side. And always have been. What I want to know is: WHERE ARE THE NON-OSWALD BULLETS? Where? I've yet to see one. Have you?

>>> "It is next to impossible that someone with [of?] oswalds [sic] caliber could have fired three perfect shots in a matter of 1.5 minutes." <<<

Huh?? 1.5 minutes???

Gee, most kooks like you only give Lee 5.6 seconds (he actually had 8.4). You're giving him 90 seconds. Nice.

>>> "It is next to impossible with a moving target, having to shoot through shubbery [sic], live oak to be exact, to get off three perfect shots." <<<

LOL. As if a 1-for-3 performance is "perfect". He only hit his main target (JFK's head) ONE time in three shots, and totally missed the whole car with one shot. And yet you classify Oswald's performance as "perfect". Curious thinking indeed.

>>> "I am sure you thoroughly support Mr [sic] Specters [sic] ignorant "magic bullet theory". That is one of the most ignorant theories I have ever heard." <<<

The Single-Bullet Theory is easily the most believable scenario put on the table to date. In fact, it perfectly FITS all the evidence (and the LACK of evidence; e.g., the lack of any other bullets and bodily damage to JFK's innards).

ANY other anti-SBT theory pales by comparison. The staggering ignorance (or denial) amongst the many conspiracy theorists who love to deride the SBT is truly the biggest mystery I've come across with respect to the entire JFK murder case.

The CTers, quite obviously, just flat-out don't want to see the logicality of the SBT; and that's because staunch CTers WANT bullet CE399 to be a "planted" bullet, even though such a planted bullet is idiotic from every POV, even any "plotters'" POV. Go figure.





>>> "Mr. Bugliosi has lost his mind." <<<

But at least your mind is as sharp and conspiracy-loving as ever, right Devin?

Vince Bugliosi has spent 20 years rooting through all the evidence in the JFK case and has had enough gray matter and common sense to not be pulled into the bottomless pit of conspiracy quicksand and has relied on the hard physical and circumstantial evidence in this case (which all leads toward LHO).....and what does he get in return:

He gets some kook who says: "Mr. Bugliosi has lost his mind."

(To S.V. Anderson -- Can I use that "pot/kettle" thing twice in the same comment? I think it's needed again here....so I think I will. Thanks.)

(S.V., have you got some TUMS and aspirin you can spare? I'm all out after wading through the above dreck authored by Devin.) ;)

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From S.V. Anderson's Review of Reclaiming History (which by the way DAVID VON PEIN *ALSO* reviewed at Amazon.

Oh boy! You're really onto something there, Morrow! Steve and I both reviewed something on Amazon--i.e., a place where THOUSANDS of people review the same items daily! Great work, Bobby!

Bob "LBJ SUNK THE TITANIC IN 1912" Morrow will next be claiming that Johnny Bench and I are the same person because we were both born in December.

DVP-Potpourri.blogspot.com/Johnny Bench

Edited by David Von Pein
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Dave you are killing me! Im going to break a rib from laughing so hard!

Please keep up the nick names for Robert

I still feel bad for Xenia Ohio

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Guest Robert Morrow

What I don't understand is why certain people at Amazon choose to make up countless fake profiles, lie about doing this, then have all their imaginary little characters talk to each other, self supporting their fake profile theories, all the while spewing ad hominem attacks left and right. Basically being a complete jerk: just choosing to call people names "kooks, loons, nuts, deranged" ... instead of debating the issues.

I guess some people are so insecure in who they themselves are, about their ability or LACK of ability to debate the issues, insecure about their theories or fantasies.

I have absolutely no respect for the "man" S.V. Anderson and his imaginary little friends.

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The title of the thread there was a bit of a giveaway, though, "What have conspiracy nuts..."

Wasn't going to be an unbiased debate from the start. S V failed when he couldn't answer simple questions, which is what he proposed to do.

A one star Rating for Harvey and Lee, and yet he was unaware of the Albert Schweitzer college? which Armstrong goes into painstaking research on. As does Evica's whole "Certain Arrogance"...it's obvious he never owned the book, or didn't read it, or read it and his aging mind forgot. His review, therefore, was worthless.

He stated he left the Ed because of all the nut's, kooks etc.

Later he said he was banned for being to logical.

I don't really care who it is, though certain phrases has him sound much like a certain poster or one of his kin at JFKAssassination.com.. They will hide behind pseudonyms. I would like to know what name he posted under here...

To be far though, Robert, Arguile is the only one really "debating" the issues against him, and doing a good job. I wasted a number of hours there, but learned bugger all.

And Amazon management are taking a close look at the entire thread.

Edited by Steve Duffy
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Today, you click his name and Presto!. You are in.

Just a techie problem right Dave. Sure.

Of course it's a technical problem, Jimbo. I've told you that before. (Naturally, I'm a xxxx, right?)

For the Dec. 10 record: I just now (at 11:11 PM EST) tried to access Page 10 of my review area, and (as always) received this message:

"We're sorry, but this customer's list of reviews is currently not available. Please check back soon."

I want any lurkers to (again) realize what Jim D. is saying here (and it's a riot, without doubt):

Jimbo is actually saying that I somehow have total control over what other people can access (and WHEN they can access it) on the Amazon.com website (specifically: a person's personal review pages).

Jimbo is a real piece of work. I love watching him figure things out in his conspiracy-infested mind. A whole season of "Leave It To Beaver" couldn't be as funny as Jimbo trying to figure out why he couldn't access my Amazon pages two weeks ago, but can now.

BTW, I do not "know" David Reitzes. Or John McAdams. Anyone who continues to say I PERSONALLY "know" these people doesn't have the slightest idea what they are blabbering about.

Edited by David Von Pein
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This is simply not the case.

DVP and Dave Reitzes were clearly heavily involved in drumming up attention (mostly negative) for both the Rossley and DiEugenio debates, and PARTICULARLY on the IMDB website. The two practically lived there. They would communicate between each other -- specifically -- on the threads; they would post simultaneously; the names of the posters were clearly visible: "DVP" and "Dave Reitzes"; both had "terminal stage fright" and refused to show their mugs at that time.

You are completely delusional, Jimbo.

Dave Reitzes never once said he had "terminal stage fright". I did say that once, yes. But now you (or your silly "informant") is also putting that EXACT quote into Dave Reitzes' mouth. And he never said it.

And I just love how the CTers are now going to tell ME who I "know" and who I don't "know".

The comedy never stops at The Education/Conspiracy Forum.

Edited by David Von Pein
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I have no idea what you're babbling about, Jimbo.

I guess your silly line of reasoning is this:

Since Dave Reitzes and I conversed back and forth on IMDb.com once upon a time, we apparently were "joining forces" (in kind of a "conspiratorial" fashion) to try and silence all critics of the LN scenario.

Is that about it (or some variation thereof), Jimbo?

Even if that were true, so what?

But that type of "joining forces" thing is not true in my case. I have never once engaged in that kind of thing on the Internet re the JFK case. My posts are my own, and nobody has any control over them whatsoever. Including John McAdams, who is a person that DiEugenio laughably thinks controls everything I write at acj and aaj. LOL.gif

By the by, is there anything new and earthshaking coming in from your "informants" (Agents 86 and 99) about my being "Kurt Ferrer"? Hopefully your informants haven't stopped searching the globe for proof that I'm using multiple aliases. After all, such an exercise is vitally important to the global economic picture.

Edited by David Von Pein
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Guest Robert Morrow

David von Pein has stated that he has NEVER made up fake profiles on the internet.

Well, folks can judge for themselves over at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/tag/jfk%20assassination/forum/ref=cm_cd_et_up_redir?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx1VLRED2TYB89B&cdPage=19&cdSort=oldest&cdThread=Tx2A0FG3MMM7X1Q&newContentID=MxOVDQ5KLQM6ZO#MxOVDQ5KLQM6ZO

Check out the posters S.V. Anderson, T. Folsom, Shaboo2 ... and God knows how many special little friends rattling around in the head of S.V. Anderson, the Amazon non-reviewer of books, who hyperactively posts lone nutter propaganda.

Judge for yourself, folks.

I would like to quote myself:

"It seems like SOME ONE is placing all their fake nasty, disinfo non-reviews of books they have not read under a FAKE PROFILE at Amazon. And one can see what the reading public thinks about the quality of those non-reviews at Amazon, giving S.V. Anderson a microscopic rank of 7,500,844 at Amazon. So S.V. Anderson can have his reviewer rank completely smashed and have license to run around acting like a totally demented jackass at Amazon.

There is something FUNNY (and disturbing) about the mindset of people who run around pretending they are someone else. Kind of reminds me of something that Allen Dulles would do. Or E. Howard Hunt, aka "Eduardo or Edward". Or Frank Sturgis. Or George Herbert Walker Bush. Or David Atlee Phillips, aka Maurice Bishop. Or Clay Shaw, aka Clay Bertrand... or US intelligence agent Lee Harvey Oswald, aka Alex Hidell or ... John McAdams, aka "Paul Nolan"..

You know what I really hate: people who lie. Not people who have different points of view, but people who LIE and who misrepresent themselves and have BAD INTENTIONS."

Edited by Robert Morrow
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