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Los Angeles radio station interview of me today

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Here is a radio interview of me about my new book, Watergate Exposed, which aired earlier today (Nov. 11) on Radio Station KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles and 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara. The interview begins at hour 02.00 of the program, which began airing at 12 A.M.

The interview also covers how I met Howard Hunt and his wife, Dorothy, who was also a CIA agent. Another topic is a meeting held on June 28, 1972 (11 days after the Watergate scandal broke) in which Washington, D.C. Police Detective Carl Shoffler and four intelligence agents discussed assassinating me because of their fear that I knew too much about certain CIA operations.

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Thanks for posting, this is truly fascinating!

Dave Emory's show on the 'Kochtopus' - the 'classical fascism' of the Tea Party Movement - contained in Part A - is also quite good.

Many thanks for your kind comment.

It can be a rewarding to check the archive of Los Angeles radio station KPFK regularly because of the numerous worthwhile interviews and commentaries that are stored there for free listening.

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Yes sir, that archive is a real treasure trove. I'm looking forward to listening to some of those other shows.

Here is a working link to Mr. Caddy's article in The Advocate on Watergate for those who are interested:


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