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note to evan or a mod please

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i left a post for a mod, whomever a couple of days ago within that thread i had posted a reply and a photo, which is now totally gone, you can see in my services in attachments when that post and photo were put up on tues evening,it is there, but not in the thread, i had also mentioned in one of them replying hitting post and nothing showing, i felt it was perhaps my pc or something on my end, but this evening doug weldon was in touch and he has been trying to post replies also in that thread and his are not showing, either plus it just happened again i replied under cliffslast post letting you know the latest from Doug and nothing showed i tried twice, i thought i had better draw attention to this problem, thanks much b

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Posting here seems to work:


I see that you have 2 posts on page 2. Is something still missing? I don't know what else I could do from my end to facilitate?


HI Antti; thanks for responding, the posting appears to work sometimes, i thought as i mentioned it was my crap lap, but when Doug Weldon said he was having the same problem i fet it needed to be reported, as you can see the post and photo on last Tues that was made is missing but you can see in my services in attachments where it still is the photo, of when that post was made, i think around 10.30 pm or so...

perhaps the gremlin has moved along or whatever the glitch was.thanks again, take care...b

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