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Who is S V Anderson?

Steve Duffy

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Amazon poster Mr Anderson.

An Educator, he claims. David Von Pein has spoken with him.

In the Gerald Blaine thread, David said "I've talked with Mr. Anderson on numerous occasions--Amazon included--and he's got his head screwed on straight regarding the JFK case. He's written some very good posts, too."

So good, he has breached Amazon's discussion guidelines so many times I couldn't possibly count.

It's barely tolerated here, but it seems anyone can hide behind a handle and post whatever they want there. I've reported several attacks by him and others to Amazon Management. Some posts have been deleted. If it wasn't a public site like Amazon, I wouldn't care. If some of the posts weren't truly offensive, I wouldn't care.

But rules of conduct are there for a reason.

I was going to use quotes from him, but if anyone should wander over, they'll see what I mean. Trust me, as a discussion, it hasn't got much going on...

So, this "Historian". Is S V Anderson his real name? Is it a pseudonym? He also may go under the name T Folsom, but I have no proof of this myself. Member Rob Morrow has. Does he post on other forums, either under his own or another name? I invited him here, but got no reply. He also didn't answer my questions to him, but it was replied by another, with a very similar writing style. Perhaps all LNs have the same small lexicon of words to use.

So any info? Not after speculation at all, just like to find out more.

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There have been a slew of glowing, five star reviews of Blaine's book on Amazon, in the wake of Vince Palamara's damning indictment. As a result, they are offsetting the negative reviews some of us have added. Ironically, all the attention that Vince and other critics have directed towards this ultimately pretty unimportant book has propelled it upwards on Amazon's ratings list.

It's sad to think we've contributed to more of these books being sold.

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