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Odd Deaths

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I think this topic has been touched on before, but I couldn't find a thread that included all these individuals.

What are the odds that the following people would all be dead in a matter of years?

Jerry Rubin - Jaywalking.

Abbie Hoffman - OD on phenobarbital. Was a manic-depressive.

Phil Ochs - Found hanging. Career in decline. Said to have been outside the Dal-Tex building during the assassination and photographed.

John Lennon - Shot down by lone nut. On guard that night was a survivor of the Bay of Pigs, Jose Perdomo, aka General San Genis. Lennon financed some ultra left wing causes.

Hunter Thompson - Self-inflicted gunshot wound. His son was home at the time and didn't hear anything. Thompson may have attended Bohemian Grove and witnessed a human (probably a child) being sacrificed to harden up powerful hearts and souls. May have made snuff film.

I have a feeling I've left out someone. There have been more suspicious deaths, like Mary Meyer, etc. But these people mentioned above were celebrities and known to be left wing.

Kathy C

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