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NOW, who shot Connally?

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" Cover Up " by J. Gary Shaw with Larry Ray Harris, Copywright 1976, 1992, pages 60-66.

Pertaining to Kennedy's back wound;

Quote on:

Did a missile traverse Kennedy's body and go on to wound Gov. Connally?

The FBI Summary Report given the commissision on Dec. 9th, 1963 { and understandably excluded from the 26 volumes of Hearings } makes the statement about the so-called neck wound: "...there was no point of exit."

A Supplemental Report issued on Jan.3, 1964 confirmed the Bureau's earlier finding: Medical evaluation of the president's body had revealed that the bullet which entered his back had penetrated to a distance of less than a finger lenth.

The FBI's conclusion that the bullet did not exit the body was based on a written report by two of its agents, Francis X. O'Neal and James W. Sibert, who were present during the autopsy. Their report contains these two statements:

" Further probing determined that the distance traveled by this missile was a short distance in as

much as the end of the opening could be felt with the finger. ....and inspection revealing

there was no point of exit."

SS man, Roy Kellerman testified: " A Col. Finck, during the examination of the President, from the hole that was in his shoulder, and with a probe, and we were standing right along side of him, he is probing inside the shoulder with his instrument and I said, " Col. where did it {the bullet} go?" He said, " There are no lanes for an outlet of this entry in this man's shoulder."

Agent William Greer was asked by Commission council Arlen Specter, " Was anything said about any channel being present in the body for the bullet to have gone through the back?" Replied Greer, " No sir. I hadn't heard anything like that, any trace of it going on through."

The New York Times, quoting a source familar with the autopsy printed on December 1963: " The first bullet made what was described a small neat wound in the back and penetrated two or three inches"

Five weeks later the Times said the bullet, "hit the President in the back of his right shoulder, several inches below the collar line. That bullet lodged in his shoulder." The Dec. 18, 1963 edition of the Washington Post disclosed that a bullet, was found deep in his shoulder."

Obviously, if the bullet never exited Kennedy's body, the missile never traveled on to strike Connally.

Quote Off:

This says it all. First hand, on the scene, offical reporting by FBI and SS Agents. They were there. They saw the truth. They told the truth. Leaving no room for LN's OR CT's to tweak or add to or take from.

Early articles from national magazines printing the truth.

Forget the Magic Bullet. There wasn't one. No need to waste any more ink on this non-subject!

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Thanks Bernice,

My copy of " Cover Up " is pretty ragged and woreout.

What do you think of his " 8 Shots " idea?


hi jim...

Well, we did a research study some time back,into the how many shot's on rich's and many contributed, there were i believe, if the grey cells are kicking, ten counted, including the missed shots, to the sidewalk, the curb, the sewer cover, the harmons etc.i was amazed but they all checked out, so imo now possible very...we should get one going sometime on here, though there may have been such started and perhaps not completed, i do recall it was a fascinating study, oh and btw the flurry of shots mentioned by kellerman i believe, were not counted as he never recalled how many, just spoke of a flurry,and the gov proposes there was one shooter with one rifle, that dog don't hunt, He was not getting out of dealey alive, that was very very obvious..i have read my copy , so often in the past that it is in the same condition,tattered, it has so much like first day evidence, some which has been dropped,and or forgotten down the years it is a great refresher course, such as wiesberg and penn's and meaghers,are without a doubt...carry on,hope all are well, take care, best b

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