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Items linked to Lee Harvey Oswald spark legal dispute

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From dallasnews.com

Items linked to Lee Harvey Oswald spark legal dispute

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

By ROY APPLETON / The Dallas Morning News


Items from a vacant Oak Cliff apartment building, once home to Lee Harvey Oswald, and a series of e-mail messages

are at the heart of a dispute that has spilled into a Dallas court.

For months, Farris Rookstool, a Kennedy assassination authority, and Jane Bryant, the apartment owner, had an apparently cordial

and cooperative relationship regarding the place where Oswald and his wife, Marina, lived in 1962-63.

Rookstool, also an assassination memorabilia collector and expert witness, informed Bryant of the historic nature of her property.

She in turn gave him a few items from the building for his help in promoting the site, which was being targeted by the city for demolition.

But in a lawsuit filed Dec. 1, Rookstool says Bryant defamed him in communications with others and in the filing of police reports.

On Tuesday, Bryant denied the accusations. "It's false," she said. "I can refute every one of his statements."


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