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Strongest piece of evidence

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Robert will NEVER understand the difference

No matter how many times you or I explain it to him Steve

LBJ is NOT a serial killer Robert, read the definition!

Hitler was not a serial killer, he never killed anyone

Mussolini was not a serial killer, he never killed anyone

Harry Truman was not a serial killer, he never killed anyone

Curtis "Bombs Away" Lemay was not a serial killer, he never killed anyone


Steve is correct when young people view this forum and see you calling LBJ a serial killer and you calling the assassination "The 1963 Coup d'etat" 100 times in each post that you make they will never take you seriously

I mean the members already dont take you seriously, but the young students who read this forum are the ones we need to pay attention to what we post for

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Gary's been ever so helpful of late to whoever asks. I've seen a lot of "Gary Mack Emailed and said" on a few forums of late.

Yeah, what would we do without him? :rolleyes:

Maybe one of these days he'll strap on a pair and start posting for himself.

It will never happen, he is to scared

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RM: Tatro says that besides Adolph Hiter, Lyndon Johnson was the worst man he can think of.

Eddie really said that?

I thought he used to teach history.

I mean there was this guy Stalin who was pretty awful. Then there was Mussolini who was no day at the beach.

You could also name several accessories to Stalin--like his chief of the Secret Service who he put together death lists with him on a regular basis.

Himmler of the SS was no picnic.

If you want to go back to the Roman Empire, there were several emperors who were lamentable, like Nero and Caligula.

I mean there were also several Japanese military leaders placed on trial for war crimes. Let us never forget the rape of the city of Nanking, which was really kind of appalling in its outer limits.

Want to talk about the Spanish inquisition?

How about that guy in Africa: Idi Amin? There were some guys in Asia that were pretty awful: Suharto, Pol Pot.

I mean we can go on and on.

To put LBJ up against that list? And I have not even really gotten started yet.

The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. Through Seymour Hersh, you get the voices of the CIA people and perhaps Secret Service people who hated John Kennedy.

Uh no it is not. If you analyze the book thoroughly, it should actually be called the Dark Side of Seymour Hersh. It shows just how attached Hersh was to the CIA and how all the people who praised him previously were not aware of this. There is literally almost no passage that can be accepted at face value once you take it apart. I would not even say it is good at measuring how much the CIA or SS hated JFK. Why? Because Hersh, in large part, was just doing a job for the Agency. ANd this is what they do as a matter of rote in these situations. The guy gets the assignment, and everyone has a script. e. g. Helms' Best Boy, Halpern.

THe book was released right before the 30th anniversary and right after Posner. So it was the Establishment's second volley at Oliver Stone's film. Just like Posner's book cannot be taken seriously, neither can Hersh's. Because its not really a book. Its a bill of goods.

Great post Jim, of course it flys right over Roberts head :rolleyes:

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After reading the following excerpts from the actual Dallas Police Department's Channel II Radio Log,

it will be self explanatory as to whether I believe there was a conspiracy or not.

292. Commission Document 291 - AG Texas Radio Log Channel II

page 6 is the timeline beginning at 12:30

12:30 pm Station Break

1 Go to the hospital, officers, Parkland Hospital,

have them stand-by. Get men on top of the underpass,

see what happened up there, go up to the overpass.

Have Parkland stand-by.

12:35 pm

260-531 Witness says shots came from fifth floor

Texas Book Depository store at Houston and Elm.

I have him with me now, and we are sealing off the


12:38 pm

137-531 A witness says he saw 'em pull the weapon from

off the second floor on the south-east

corner of the Depository building.

12:38 pm

531-137 Do you have the building covered off?

137-531 I'm about three-fourths of a block away.

531-137 Report there.

137-531 I'll leave the witness here.

2-531 Can you give us any information as to

what happened for these people out here.

531-2 Evidently, there has been a shooting with the

President involved. I do not know the seriousness

of it. One is at Parkland along with Dallas One.

We have information the shots came from the fifth

or fourth floor of the book Depository Store on the

corner of Elm and Field, officers are now surrounding

and searching the building.

12:43 pm

15-531 Are you having them contain the block surrounding

the building?

531-15 Yes, we are sealing the building until it can

be searched.

15-531 Extend it out to include two or three block area.

9-531 The wanted person in this is a slender white male

about thirty, five feet ten, one-sixty-five

carrying what looked to be a 30-30 or some type

of Winchester.

531-9 It was a rifle?

9-531 Yes, a rifle.

1:12 pm

9-531 We have empty hulls on the fifth floor

and from all indications the man had been

there for some time.

No reference, to the sixth-floor whatsoever, but references to the second, fourth

and fifth floor, no reference to a Mannlicher-Carcano, but a reference to a 30-30 and/or

a Winchester.These radio logs were made in real time, can you imagine if these transcripts

had been broadcast on television or the radio, immediately after the assassination

instead of being declassified in 1970, or so, when there were just a handful of people

requesting declassified documents.

I believe the radio log excerpts above are on the verge of being profound

in their ramifications.

Edited by Robert Howard
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The WC obedience to their pre concieved agenda never fails to amaze me.

Warren Commission staffer Burt Griffin openly admitted they were interested only in obtaining evidence that would show Oswald was the assassin, blatantly telling DPD Reserve Officer William J. Newman that the Warren Commission's "examination" would not result in "anybody" being prosecuted for anything except "perjury."


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As Robert pointed out, the DPD radio log is definitely valuable in establishing shots from the front, and even though Curry stated, “Get men on top of the underpass, see what happened up there, go up to the overpass,” when Curry was interviewed by the news media on November 23, 1963, he claimed that he “could tell from the sound of the three shots that they had come from the Book Company’s building near downtown Dallas.”

If the Chief of Police lied after learning that the assassin was alleged to be in the Texas School Book Depository, could anyone be trusted to be telling the truth when they said that the shots came from that building?

Dallas County Sheriff Bill Decker and Secret Service Special Agent Winston Lawson were in the lead car with Curry and they further bolstered his adamant view about shots originating from in front of President Kennedy.

As soon as Curry issued the instructions to “get men on top of the underpass,” Decker stated, “I’m sure it’s going to take some time to get your men in there. Put every one of my men there. Notify Station 5 [sheriff’s Office] to move all men available out of my department back into the railroad yard and try to determine what happened and hold everything secure until homicide and other investigators can get in there.”

Special Agent Lawson wrote in his Secret Service report on November 23, 1963, “Chief Curry gave instructions over his radio for officers to converge on the area where the incident occurred.”

There is no ambiguity in Lawson’s report, as the radio log clearly states that the area where Curry instructed his officers to “converge” was “on top of the underpass.”

Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Sorrels, who was also in the lead car, wrote a report stating, “When I heard two more shots, I said ‘Let’s get out of here.’ I looked toward the top of the terrace to my right as the sound of the shots seemed to come from that direction.”

He testified to the Warren Commission that he “did not look back” at the Texas School Book Depository “because it was way back in the back.”

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Sorry. In responding to posts, I forgot about the strongest piece of evidence that convinces me of a conspiracy.

I have to say the clear and concise medical evidence of shots from the front. The back of his head was blown off. It was an exit wound. His throat had an entrance wound, as the back shot was too low to exit the throat.

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I would like to ask members of this forum for the one piece of evidence that convinces them of a conspiracy or non-conspiracy, just one piece per person please. Thanks.

I think the strongest proof of conspiracy is the Odio incident.


I believe the authentic Zapruder film, showing the head shot from the front, the head explodes from the right side of the head and the head thrown 'back and to the left'.

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Historical exposure happens when an organisation is forced to act. It exposes itself. I see this as a further indication that the Katzenbach Memo is wrongly interpreted by many. (if not most). I'd reiterate that the Pres Commission itself is a, if not the, prime indicator of conspiracy. (what type is the question I suppose, or as HF said you can have any color as long as it's black. Tho the flavors seem to have coalesed into a few strands. There must be a synthesis there)))

add ... as I was saying before getting disconnected. One could see the memo itself as being the strongest indicator of (or where to focus) to see the conspiracy. Sometimes, it's the unsaid that it the most significant.

Edited by John Dolva
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