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The name of Collins Radio keeps popping up in assassination lore, sometimes associated with individuals and other times associated with their operations, almost always in connection with government contracts, often connected to the CIA. Who is (or are) subject matter expert(s), and/or where can some fairly comprehensive and factual data be found about either or all of the company, its operations, government business and/or tie-ins to the JFK assassination?

I'm curious because I've recently learned that a long-time friend of mine worked for them in the '60s. While I certainly intend to ask, I'm not yet certain what his role was, how high he eventually rose in the organization (I gather he retired from CR ...?), or what information he might either be able or willing to provide on this subject, or even if he'll be willing to discuss it at all (heck, he might not even be my friend after I ask him!).

Any and all help and, naturally, questions are welcome, tho' I'd obviously prefer the former before the latter. Being retired, I might even be able to convince him to join the forum and respond directly. Feel free to send PMs as necessary.

Many thanks in advance!

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