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Dean Rusk - was this Rockefeller man involved in the JFK assassination?

Guest Robert Morrow

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Guest Robert Morrow

In my book, anyone who was a 1) Rockefeller man 2) hawk on Vietnam or 3) acts squirrelly is a good candidate for involvement in the JFK Assassination. Do you folks think that Dean Rusk was involved in the 1963 Coup d'Etat or that he had foreknowledge of it or perhaps he just had post-knowledge of who killed John Kennedy and why?

In hindsight it sure seems clear that John Kennedy did NOT want to go into Vietnam ... and for years hawks (Rockefeller hawks I call them) like McGeorge Bundy and Dean Rusk LIED about JFK's intentions. Both of these men had well paid foundation jobs: McGeorge Bundy as head of the Ford Foundation (1966-1979)and Dean Rusk as head of the Rockefeller Foundation (1952-1961). Nelson Rockefeller was the one who told John Kennedy to USE TACTICAL NUKES ON NORTH VIETNAM; when Kennedy was subjected to this his hands shook.

Is it fair to say then when John Kennedy was murdered by LBJ and the CIA, that the USA got a hawkish "Rockefeller foreign policy?" Particularly in regards to Vietnam?

"Dean Rusk betrayed the Kennedy assassination cover up when he repeatedly claimed that Kennedy had always planned to deploy combat troops to the war effort in Vietnam. In his own words, Rusk said: "There was never any question in Kennedy's mind that Southeast Asia was vital to the security of the United States. The only question in his mind was where we would make the fight if we had to make a fight, and his decision was we should make it in Vietnam." The bold, unadulterated lie that Kennedy had planned to deploy American combat troops in Vietnam was repeated over and over and over again by both Dean Rusk and McGeorge Bundy, and now we know why it took Robert McNamara over three decades to finally tell the truth about those lies."


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