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Google Search Results for "Kennedy Assassination" Are the Conflicts of Interests & The Disconnected POV, Coincidental?

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully


JFK / The Kennedy Assassination Home Page

A skeptical look at the welter of nonsense, misinformation, and disinformation surrounding the murder of JFK. Debunks various myths.

mcadams.posc.mu.edu/home.htm - Cached - Similar

John F. Kennedy assassination - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The FBI has received added scrutiny by Kennedy assassination researchers because of the actions of FBI agent James Hosty. Hosty appeared in Oswald's address ...

Timeline - Kennedy assassination conspiracy ... - John Connally - Dealey Plaza

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Kennedy_assassination - Cached - Similar

John Simkin's http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKindex.htm came up on the top of page 3 in my google search

of the term, "kennedy assassination".

This is especially troubling to me because I have recently posted on other threads on this forum that the wikipedia.org page on the subject, John C. McAdams, was created last January by a leading wikipedia administrator who posted on his own wikipedia user page that his edits of the wikipedia page on the subject, Lee Harvey Oswald, is the wikipedia work he is most proud of. It does not seem a far reach to observe that the top google search results on the "Kennedy assassination" are the work of a wikipedia administrator sympathetic to the POV of Marquette University Assoc. Professor, John C. McAdams, and a link to the Kennedy assassination "research" of Mcadams, himself.

I used the word "crisis" to describe this influence on google search results because of this observation and background.

I do not see how it is possible for a university level, political science instructor with a PhD from a leading U.S. university, to claim to be an authoritative source and a serious (curious) researcher of the murders of president Kennedy and of Lee Harvey Oswald, and react the way he did to news of the appointment of a new president of the university he has long been a faculty member of.

The background is that the heir apparent to Russell Bufalino, former head of the Pittston, PA branch of the mafia, a convicted criminal some claimed was the most powerful and influential mafia boss of his era, has managed to provide (buy) the newly appointed president of Marquette University, Jesuit priest Scott R. Pilarz, with the very achievements as Scranton University president, that qualified Pilarz to be chosen as president of Marquette. John McAdams reacted to the appointment of Scott R. Pilarz as if McAdams was from another planet, a planet where the background details of the Kennedy assassination were unknown.:




Will Louis DeNaples' past haunt casino's future?

What a reputed mobster said to state gaming investigators could affect whether Mount Airy owner gets license renewed.

November 23, 2009|By Matt Birkbeck OF THE MORNING CALL

...D'Elia, the alleged head of the Bufalino crime family, pleaded guilty in November 2008 to money laundering and witness tampering.

It's unclear what D'Elia told gaming investigators. D'Elia's attorney, James Swetz of Stroudsburg, said he wasn't there in July when D'Elia was interviewed.

But federal prosecutors said in their motion that D'Elia had previously provided "conclusive evidence of a longstanding relationship with DeNaples … including photographs and other documents."

The motion was supported by the gaming board.

Dauphin County prosecutors also agreed with the sentence reduction, saying that D'Elia had told a county grand jury about his longstanding relationship with DeNaples. D'Elia told the grand jury DeNaples attended the funeral of D'Elia's mother in 1980. Prosecutors also had state police surveillance photos of DeNaples attending D'Elia's daughter's wedding in 1999, along with several high-ranking Philadelphia mobsters, according to the federal motion...


DeNaples' rags-to-riches story marred by 1978 guilty plea, rumors of mob ties

Pocono Record - Jan 31, 2008

...DeNaples is also a philanthropist, donating large sums to Scranton Preparatory School — where he sent his seven children — the University of Scranton, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton, the United Way and many other charitable and nonprofit institutions...


Community shows support for DeNaples

By Bob Laylo and Tim Darragh Of the Morning Call

January 31, 2008

...A Dauphin County grand jury said DeNaples lied about his relationships with four people, including two alleged mobsters, to get his slots license.

The Catholic Diocese of Scranton, another beneficiary of DeNaples' charity giving, chose not to comment directly on the allegations.

''Mr. DeNaples has generously supported many institutions in the community and many worthwhile endeavors … including the Catholic Church, and we are very grateful for his support,'' said spokesman Bill Genello.

Other institutions DeNaples supported also took a forgiving view.

''Louis DeNaples has been a great asset to Community Medical Center and the community of Scranton,'' said John Nilsson, interim president and chief executive officer of the Community Medical Center Healthcare System. ''His service on our board has been exemplary. I think we all should let due process take its course before passing judgment.''

Likewise, the University of Scranton, which this month opened a student center bearing the names of DeNaples' parents and gave him an honorary degree in 2005, issued a statement of support.

''Louis DeNaples and his wife and children are great friends of the University of Scranton. We are grateful for their steadfast support as trustees, alumni, parents, benefactors and volunteers. As always, Louis and his family remain in our prayers.''

The university and Scranton Preparatory School have been major recipients of DeNaples' largesse. The university returned the favor in October 2007, when it awarded him its President's Medal at a black-tie event at The Pierre in New York City.

Around the same time, the Lackawanna Bar Association awarded DeNaples its Chief Justice Michael J. Eagen Award for community service.

Even as the grand jury's report was coming to a head, DeNaples continued to expand his reach. Just last week, published reports said DeNaples had joined the board of the new Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton...


Sources: Mount Airy owner focus of U.S., state investigation

Probe looking into possible contribution to Rendell, they say.

By Matt Birkbeck Of The Morning Call

August 19, 2007

...Marino, who was the Lycoming County district attorney before his federal appointment in 2002, declined to comment on his recusal. Martin Carlson, his first deputy, said, "We don't comment on matters involving recusal."

Begun in 2004, the federal/state investigation yielded money laundering charges in 2005 against three Scranton-area men, Richard Smallacombe, Frank Pavlico and William D'Elia, who federal authorities say heads the Bufalino crime family, which has operated for decades throughout northeastern Pennsylvania. D'Elia was charged in November 2006 with conspiracy to kill a witness.

Smallacombe and Pavlico have pleaded guilty to reduced charges and agreed to testify in other cases, court documents show. D'Elia awaits trial.

The federal/state probe has led FBI and Secret Service agents to interview Louis Coviello, 51, a convicted murderer serving a life sentence at a state prison near Mahanoy City, Schuylkill County.

Coviello, in a prison interview Aug. 9 with The Morning Call, said FBI agents asked him about DeNaples. Coviello said his father, Joseph, had done business with DeNaples and that Coviello often had eaten at DeNaples' home.

"I was there hundreds of times," Coviello said.

Coviello's father was charged with DeNaples and two other men in 1977 of bilking Scranton of $525,000 for cleanup work following Hurricane Agnes. A hung jury led to a no contest plea on charges of defrauding the federal government for the four men, who were placed on probation. But four other men, including a member of the Bufalino crime family, were convicted later for their roles in bribing a juror during the DeNaples trial.

Coviello also said he testified July 26 under subpoena before a Dauphin County grand jury about the relationship between his family and DeNaples.

D'Elia appeared in July before the same grand jury, which in part is probing whether DeNaples lied to the state gaming board about alleged ties to D'Elia. State gaming law prohibits a casino licensee from having ties to organized crime.

DeNaples denied to the state gaming board in December any ties to D'Elia or organized crime. Feeley, DeNaples' spokesman, told The Morning Call that month that DeNaples "has no relationship with organized crime or any member of organized crime." ...


In DeNaples' corner

By Matt Birkbeck Of The Morning Call

January 6, 2008

To win a slots license for his Mount Airy Casino Resort, Louis DeNaples hired some high-powered legal help to address long-standing allegations of ties to organized crime....


DeNaples' priest arrested

He's charged with lying about mob ties in investigation of casino owner

By Matt Birkbeck and Christina Gostomski Of The Morning Call

January 3, 2008

One of the first calls the Rev. Joseph Sica made after being arrested was to his longtime friend Louis DeNaples: "Don't say anything," DeNaples told him, "We'll take care of this."

That's what a prosecutor said Wednesday as Sica, a Roman Catholic priest, was charged with lying to a Dauphin County grand jury investigating DeNaples over his Mount Airy Casino Resort.

Sica, 52, is accused of lying about his relationship with the late Russell Bufalino, the longtime head of a northeastern Pennsylvania crime family. Sica was released on $20,000 bail after being charged with one count of perjury...

...Feeley said DeNaples, 67, and Sica have been friends since childhood and DeNaples was "concerned for his friend. ... Obviously Father Sica and Louis DeNaples are old and close friends ... and they remain friends." Feeley has said DeNaples' family took Sica in as a child and raised him.

In a written statement, the Diocese of Scranton called Sica's arrest "a deeply distressing development" and said Sica would not celebrate Mass publicly until his case is resolved.

The diocese said Sica, who has been a priest there since 1982, requested and was granted a leave of absence Wednesday from his position as chaplain at Mercy Hospital in Scranton.

Appearing before the grand jury in August, Sica was asked how well he knew Bufalino, according to the grand jury report issued Wednesday. Bufalino headed a Scranton crime family from the 1950s until his death in 1993.

Sica testified he had no personal relationship with Bufalino. He said he met Bufalino in the early 1980s when Bufalino was hospitalized and Sica was a deacon visiting Catholic patients.

But according to the grand jury, Sica had a long-standing relationship with Bufalino.

Sica wrote letters on behalf of Bufalino, seeking his release from prison following his 1982 conviction for conspiring to kill a mob witness. He wrote one of the letters to Ginny Thornburgh, wife of then-Gov. Dick Thornburgh. The grand jury also said Bufalino attended a party celebrating Sica's ordination.

Prosecutors provided photographs to the grand jury of Sica and Bufalino together at the ordination party and at a barbecue. Sica is also seen in photos with Bufalino and William D'Elia, who, according to the Pennsylvania Crime Commission, took over as head of the Bufalino family after Bufalino's death.

"The documents and photos ... paint a different tale" from that of Sica's grand jury testimony, Chardo said...

...In October, Sica introduced DeNaples at a black-tie event in New York City at which the University of Scranton awarded DeNaples its President's Medal for his support. The school is building a student center in his parents' names.

"You possess a strong will and well-informed opinions that are often based on good old common sense," Sica said of DeNaples, according to the school's alumni magazine. "You place character and integrity well above success."

Sica's arrest was the first in the grand jury probe. Chardo would not comment on whether charges are pending against DeNaples, but said "other charges may follow." He would not elaborate....


Gaming inquiry looks for mob ties

Board wants to know if Mount Airy casino bidder connected to crime boss.

By Matt Birkbeck, Christina Gostomski and Matt Assad Of The Morning Call

December 19, 2006

....Ties between DeNaples and D'Elia have been alleged for years.

In 2001, an affidavit submitted in a federal gambling investigation mentions DeNaples and D'Elia. In the document, four informants alleged DeNaples had made payments to D'Elia for undisclosed work. The affidavit also alleges DeNaples made protection payments to D'Elia to keep mobsters away from DeNaples' landfill business. Neither DeNaples nor D'Elia was charged with a crime. Finally, the affidavit alleges D'Elia sold space at DeNaples' Keystone Landfill in Dunmore, Lackawanna County.

D'Elia was charged in May with laundering drug money for a Florida man, and in October with conspiring to kill a witness in that case. He has been held at a federal detention center since Oct. 12, when authorities searched his home and recovered money, jewelry, documents and more than three dozen guns.

Among the documents obtained through a search warrant and filed in federal court were bank statements from First National Community Bank in Dunmore, a bank DeNaples owns.

The gaming board's background investigations are a routine part of the licensing process, but investigators probing DeNaples interviewed several Scranton businessmen familiar with D'Elia and DeNaples only after D'Elia was imprisoned in October.

DeNaples, of Dunmore, drew interest statewide after announcing he would seek a slots license immediately after buying the once- bankrupt Mount Airy Lodge resort in 2004.

The owner of numerous businesses in the Scranton area, ranging from landfills to banks to auto-parts shops, DeNaples also serves on various boards and is a trustee of the University of Scranton. He has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations to a variety of candidates, Republican and Democrat, and also has given millions to charitable causes. During one gaming board hearing earlier this year, he was accompanied by a Catholic priest and vouched for by a nun....

...According to two Pennsylvania Crime Commission reports, in 1983 and 1990, James Osticco, a Bufalino family underboss, and three others were convicted in 1982 with tampering with the DeNaples jury. A juror had admitted she voted for acquittal at the behest of her husband, who in return was given $1,000, a set of tires and a pocket watch.

A 1991 crime commission report identified D'Elia as a head of the Bufalino crime family who brokered space at landfills in northeastern Pennsylvania....

...The New Jersey Casino Control Commission cited the Pennsylvania Crime Commission reports when it barred D'Elia from entering any Atlantic City casino.

Allegations of ties between DeNaples and organized crime prompted the gaming board to hold three closed-door meetings with DeNaples during his licensing hearing last week. In the end, state regulators declared DeNaples suitable to hold a slots license.

"I wouldn't want to be in their shoes," William Thompson, a gaming consultant and professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, said of Pennsylvania regulators. "It's rare that someone with a felony applies for a license, and I'm not aware of anyone that has ever been given one."

While Pennsylvania allows anyone with a felony 15 years or older to apply for a gaming license, other gaming states follow different rules....


DeNaples grand jury leak probe yields report

Document not made public

Dauphin taxpayers billed for Supreme Court-ordered probe.

June 30, 2010|By Tim Darragh, OF THE MORNING CALL

...In January 2008, Dauphin County prosecutors charged DeNaples and a close friend, the Rev. Joseph Sica, with lying to a grand jury about their alleged relationship to an organized crime figure. DeNaples' personal associations were under question because he had recently received a license to run Mount Airy Casino Resort in Monroe County. The state licensing process took place in Dauphin County...


[PDF] http://www.poconorecord.com/assets/pdf/PR372130.PDF


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

next to the table of Russeil Butalino and James David Osticco. Through, D'Elia,. DeNaples bought advertisements in the programs of the annuai dinner. ...


Several years later, it was Holder who traveled to Scranton and led the prosecution that resulted in a guilty verdict and eight-year prison sentence for Osticco. Three others, including the husband and wife, also were convicted....

Now, consider all of the above, and it may become obvious after reading this next "piece", by John McAdams, why I believe there is a crisis of deliberate distortion in google search results, and why I think an assassination "researcher" who reacts to the Marquette news about Louis Denaples owned, Rev. Scott Pilarz, in this way, must

be from a different planet.:


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rev. Scott Pilarz, S.J., named as next Marquette University president

From a University press release.

Like everybody else, we are trying to figure out what sort of President he will be. The standard PR fluff shows him to be a good fund raiser who built a lot of buildings at Scranton.

We do note that he signed a statement emphatically rejecting a call by some leftist academics to boycott the State of Israel and Israeli scholars. Father Wild and Marquette are conspicuously missing from that statement.

Is Pilarz committed to the Catholic mission of universities like Marquette? The record shows he sometimes clashed with Scranton Bishop Martino, but Martino himself appears to have been rather abrasive and aggressive.

The University of Scranton did assure Bishop Martino that “Condoms are not available on our campuses and our student health services and centers do not provide oral and other forms of contraception.” That, of course, could be a bit of an evasion.

A search of the web site of the Cardinal Newman Society doesn’t show the University of Scranton to be one of the universities that that conservative Catholic organization finds flouting Catholic teaching.

However the University of Scranton ran afoul of the new Bishop (Joseph Bambera) for an “inclusion initiative” that invited a pro-abortion speaker (one Sara Bendoraitis) to campus. It seems that at Scranton, as at Marquette, “inclusion” applies only to suitably politically-correct views. Pilarz released a mealy-mouthed statement defending the “inclusion initiative” but also claiming “I want to make clear that the University does not endorse views or positions of speakers when such views are contrary to our mission and to the teaching of the Catholic Church.”

The truth, of course, is that the liberal bureaucrats who arrange these programs do endorse the views of pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality speakers. Much as Fr. Wild has done at Marquette, Pilarz has given them a free rein to promote their agenda at Scranton. Indeed, he has largely bought into their agenda. Under the guise of providing a “safe place” for GLBTQ students, and combating “homophobia,” Scranton, like Marquette, has pretty much said “forget Catholic teaching about homosexuality.”

If pushed to the wall, as Fr. Wild was in the case of Jodi O’Brien, would he stand up for the University’s Catholic mission, or cave? The truth is that we don’t know. But we will learn, hopefully not the hard way.

Labels: Marquette University, President

posted by John McAdams at 1:36 PM

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Guest Tom Scully

Is it to be dismissed as only coincidence that McAdams is one of the most prominent JFK assassination disinformation artists, is a professor at a Society of Jesuits University that has a board of directors member, Scott Pilarz, who has been appointed the next president of that university?

Scott Pilarz, a Jesuit priest, is leaving the post of president of Jesuit University of Scranton, where he gained prominence because of a campus expansion program at Scranton catalyzed by major donations from Bufalino crime family associate Louis DeNaples.


Mrs. Lewis Gives Million to Loyola U.

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Nov 25, 1964

EXCITEMENT arose in waves and applause came in tumults at the annual Stritch award dinner in the Hilton hotel last night when Mrs. Frank J. Lewis [Julia Deal] presented a check for 1 million dollars to the Very Rev. James F Maguire S. J. president of Loyola university ...

Sidney Korshak underwrote dinner expenses estimated at $50000 so that most ... Very Rev James Maguire university president J Edgar Hoover award recipient Dr ... waves and applause came E in tumults at the annual Stritch award dinner in ... to J Edgar Hoover recipient of the Sword of Loyola award and dinner speaker ....


(Page 3 of 4)

Sidney Korshak, Alleged Mafia Liaison to Hollywood, Dies at 88


Veteran Korshak-watchers cite his activities as a board member of the Loyola Medical School in Chicago as an example of his adroitness. In November 1964, Korshak financed a fund-raising dinner for the school at Chicago's Conrad Hilton Hotel at which the guest of honor was FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Korshak and the nation's top G-man were seated at the same table, despite the fact that Hoover's own agents had been gathering evidence on Korshak's activities on secret wiretaps for seven years.

Korshak was a very influential figure in Las Vegas for decades, representing both unions and hotel owners as well as individuals and companies trying to buy hotels there. Indeed, Korshak had so much clout in the gambling mecca that officials of Las Vegas' Riviera Hotel once ejected Teamster chieftain Jimmy Hoffa from the presidential suite to make room for him.

Korshak was first linked to the mob during a 1943 federal extortion trial in Los Angeles. Willie Bioff, a corrupt leader of the Hollywood stagehands union, told a federal jury that he was introduced to Korshak at a Chicago hotel in 1939 by mobster Charles "Cherry Nose" Gioe.

Bioff testified that Gioe pointed to Korshak and declared: "[He] is our man, and I want you to do what he tells you. He is not just another lawyer but knows our gang and figures our best interest. Pay attention to him, and remember, any message he may deliver to you is a message from us."

Korshak denied that the meeting ever took place and complained for years that the story plagued him wherever he went. Korshak was the subject of many news stories, foremost among them a four-part series in the New York Times in 1976. But he had not granted a detailed interview for more than 40 years.

Indeed, one of his last interviews was to deny a 1978 report by then-California Atty. Gen. Evelle J. Younger that described Korshak as "a senior advisor to organized crime groups in California, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York."

Korshak noted that he had contributed $3,000 to Younger's two campaigns for attorney general and had been asked to serve on Younger's advisory committee for his 1978 gubernatorial bid. "The damage this has caused me is irreparable because what can I do to combat it?"

In 1978, Korshak attended a fund-raiser for Gov. Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown Jr.'s reelection at Wasserman's home. Reporters asked Brown whether he was bothered by the presence of Korshak, who had contributed $1,000 to his 1974 election campaign. Brown said no.


Col. Crown Honored by Loyola

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - Oct 27, 1967

Col Henry Crown Chicago industrialist and philanthropist yesterday received the ... L Ryerson the late Frank J Lewis Leo J Sheridan Joseph L Block Charles F ...

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