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Michele Mercure

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Michele Mercure is a co-founder of Haverstick Films and is the company's in-house composer, sound designer and producer. In 2009 Michele produced critically acclaimed HOME starring Marcia Gay Harden and created the film's lush and haunting score. Working with only a small handful of musicians Michele crafted and recorded a guitar and piano based soundtrack that is both evocative and indelible.

Michele's emotional and distinctive compositions were instantly in demand when she began composing her early electronic music. It was her signature music that was the identifying sound for a fledgling television channel, MTV, in their unique and award winning station ID's. Her television scores included work for such varied outlets as PBS news, children's cartoons, and national commercials. But her instrumental pieces were also reaching international radio audiences prompting Eurock Magazine to label Michele “America's premiere female synthesist”.

Michele performed a live version of her instrumental album DREAMPLAY at the opening of the Smithsonian Institute's Museum of Technology. She fronted the alternative band LIKE HOUDINI as a singer/songwriter and guitarist and in 2004 she released a solo record GIVING UP THE GHOST. Other solo albums include ROUGE AND MINT, DREAMS WITHOUT DREAMERS and EYECHANT. HOME is Michele's third full length feature film score and she has also scored numerous documentaries, theatre and dance pieces.

Michele's talent ranges to all things audio including location sound recording and feature film sound design. She worked on location sound for Columbia Pictures THOMAS THE MAGIC TANK ENGINE starring Alec Baldwin and DIAMOND MEN starring Donnie Wahlberg as well as many indie docs, shorts and commercials. Michele also created full motion picture sound designs for HOME, SHADES OF BLACK and CHRISTMAS DINNER.

When she is not playing and composing on her favorite Composite Acoustic guitar, Michele can generally be found producing feature films. Michele has recently teamed with veteran indie film producers Rene Bastian and Linda Moran (TRANSAMERICA, LIE, GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS) in the production of Haverstick Films most recent film project ALMOST MERCURY.

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