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A bit more Bandwith should added.

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Guest Tom Scully

Happy New Year Martin, et al.

Exhaustion of contracted bandwidth before end of month is the noticeable symptom of the problem causing the forum downtime.

It isn't about the cost of the bandwidth necessary to avoid the forum downtime. It is about some changes John is working on. It is most recently about the temporary unavailability of a key individual, due to previously planned commitments.

I am optimistic that improvements are in the works to avoid forum downtime due to bandwidth caps issues and to better manage denial of service attacks defenses.

Since I am only a member of the moderator group and I have not sought or received authorization to post any information related to the topic of this thread by John Simkin, or by any forum administrator, I am speaking only for myself, from what I've read in answers to questions others in the forum administrator and moderator groups have asked and received answers to, during the recent period when this forum was inaccessible.

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