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Reagan/Bush Official John Wheeler Dead in Landfill

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Read all about it and for the love of St. Peter, if anyone cannot honestly see a red flag on this one, shame on you lol...


Also quoting Fintan Dunne's analysis:

For the record:

"He was Secretary' date=' U.S. [b']Securities and Exchange Commission[/b],

on the team that worked major insider trader investigations"

--John Wheeler Bio


John Wheeler (aka Jack Parsons Wheeler III)

is extensively profiled in the book Long Gray Line:

John P. Wheeler III is a member of West Point's class of 1966, which

was the subject of Rick Atkinson's wonderful book The Long Grey Line.



Early stages in the investigation....

Not much so far...

Police in Delaware Tuesday said Wheeler was seen alive in downtown Wilmington less than 24 hours before his body was found.

Newark police said he was seen about 3:30 p.m. Thursday near the Hotel du Pont. It's blocks away from the office of an attorney who was representing him and his wife in a property dispute.....

Police have determined that all the stops made Friday by the garbage truck before it arrived at the landfill involved large commercial disposal bins in Newark, several miles from Wheeler's home.


This is an interesting focus of Wheeler's on cyber warfare:

Wheeler sent Radez an e-mail expressing concern that the nation

wasn't sufficiently prepared for cyber warfare. "This was something

that had preoccupied him over the last couple of years," Radez said.


Which might just connect to this:


Mysterious Murder of MI6 Codebreaker

Williams was a key player in a joint team operation put together by MI6,

NSA and GCHQ. He was working on defence schemes for cyber attacks

for both Britain and the US at the time of his death.


With his tenure at MI6 coming to an end, Williams was told that he would

rejoin GCHQ in a new department, the Cyber Security Operations Centre,


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I don't always agree with Alex Jones, but I agree with him about Wheeler's murder.

imo, Wheeler was about to blow a very big whistle on the US military's top secret bio weapons program.. and his murder was designed to send a very big message to any other potential insider whistleblowers.


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