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Betrayal in Dallas

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"In the critical hours after John Kennedy's murder, Wade should have moved to close down ingress and egress to the city of Dallas. Area airports should have been closed. The Texas Department of Public Safety and state guards should have been brought in to meet the manpower needs of the moment. Wade could have easily coordinated with the mayor to declare a curfew and clear the streets of ordinary traffic and commerce. Police agencies of surrounding municipalities should have been brought into play."

That North believes the "Mafia did it," does not make a lot of what he writes untrue. At least he has Ruby involved. The Warren Commission told us Ruby "had no mafia ties, which is an insult to our intelligence.

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There was no need as they had their shooter and you don't run from a hit so that any such restrictions mean anything, you lay low, wait for the outcome and drift away. With much of dallas to help, no problem. I rather favour (given persons of interests addresses) Garland, or thataway as the location of the safe house (perhaps even white rock lake as a disposal site). A bit like feinting to the left with oak cliff while always meaning to head ENE. Then, later, wherever.

afa structure goes the top and bottom had no communication so the 'bankers' through the middleman could be using any grouping and given the broadest personal upheaval was economic through the far reaching promises of JFK's bill of rights, not LBJ's, in that very affected group I'm sure there would be a crop of dedicated turkey shooters all over the south who could do with a bit of extra dough for a worthy cause.

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North's first book essentially said that Hoover allowed the assassination since he knew of a threat against JFK by the Mafia.

Now he repeats that but adds a bit more by saying that Marcello had his men do it--BTW, which differs a bit from Waldron's story--and that he picked Dallas because of LBJ's connections to the Mob??

Why not Miami or Tampa with Trafficante's connections?

What nuttiness. Two million pages of new documents but somehow North has found stuff the ARRB and everyone else missed?

Mark North is trying to take us back to the days of Bob Blakey and John Davis.

I agree Jim and don't get me wrong - I don't believe for a moment that this was a "mob hit."

I am going to purchase the book however, and have read some of it at Barnes and Knoble last week.

What I like about the book is how North comes right out and tells in like it is in regard to what various people should have done in the aftermath of the assassination. He also points out that JFK himself was silly for riding exposed like that considering the climate in Dallas at the time. I have always thought that myself and I am glad to see someone finally have the cahoonas to write it.

Got the book fairly reasonably.

North is particularly hard on Wade, but he also goes after others, including RFK. ( rightly so in my opinion )

Chapter 11


Wade said preliminary reports indicated more than one person was involved in the shooting - Dallas Morning News, early edition

Everyone who participated in this crime....is guilty of murder under Texas law. They should all go to the electric chair. - Henry Wad, afternoon of November 22

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"Had Robert Kennedy taken charge in Dallas, he could easily have expanded the Stone case to encompass investigation of his brother's murder.

Through prosecution of Ruby and interrogation of the Stone defendants, Joe Civello, who backed the Stone and Bosco operations, could have been

brought into the case. Before pursuing that course, Kennedy could have had Judge Sarah Hughes removed as presiding judge in the Stone prosecution."

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