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Almost All Of JFK's 64 Press Conferences Now Available As Streaming Audio At The JFK Library Website

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It didn't take long for the JFK Library website to make available the two missing news conferences (62 of the 64 were available as of January 30, 2011). All 64 are now available in audio format, as of January 31, 2011:



I've also found video/film versions for three of JFK's news conferences. The newly revamped JFK Library website is very nice (although it creates some minor problems with the Firefox web browser, for some reason), but it appears to me that they've concealed a lot of good audio and video material deep within the bowels of the massive site, and it takes considerable digging and searching to find some of these items, such as these three video versions of the conferences from 1/25/61, 3/1/61, and 3/8/61:




The audio versions of those conferences are better, however, with clearer sound quality than the video versions, and the March 8th video conference is terrible, because the audio is totally out of sync with the video, which makes that video file pretty much worthless.

More rare JFK video can be found at the link below, via the "United States Government Agencies Collection", which is another great resource to be found deep within those massive JFK Library bowels:


Also see:


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