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Is Fletcher Prouty a Credible Source?

Alex Babaie

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I've posted this before but I think it has to be considered that the strongest supporter for Lansdale in 1963 was JFK.  Kennedy had been impressed by his understanding of Vietnam and even after Mongoose faded away after the missile crisis JFK wanted to place him back in Vietnam, either as CIA station chief or even possibly as ambassador. However if there was one thing State, the CIA and the Joint Chiefs agreed on it was that Lansdale had become untouchable.  In the face of that broad opposition JFK was unable to move him over although who knows what he might have done eventually since he really felt Lansdale had some unique insights into the Vietnam problem and frankly he was becoming distrustful of all those individuals and groups who had a current stake in how things were being conducted there.  I cover all this in Shadow Warfare although I would suggest some broader reader on Lansdale for context. 

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