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New book on Victoria Adams by author Barry Ernest

Guest Robert Morrow

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Barry's a nice guy. He responded to an e-mail query before i had the chance to get back to my computer, and was right on top of what I was wondering about. Inside Job, p. 65

The lunchroom hoaxers belittle his work but, frankly, they aren't in his league.


I'm reading your Inside Job essay right now. Haven't finished yet, but I'm favorably impressed.

I'm glad that you and I agree that Shelley and Lovelady were "captured" in Couch / Darnell while walking down (and then across?) Elm Street Extension just a few seconds after the assassination.

I would like to point out that you have mistaken Detective William L. Senkel for Jack Dougherty in a photograph, The photograph (frame actually) shows Shelley, Arce, and Bonnie Ray Williams being escorted by a policeman to a police car.

Here is Detective Senkel's statement which pertains to that image:

http://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth339517/m1/3/ .

Also, I have noticed that you misspelled Gloria Calvery's name as Caverly a couple of times.

Keep up the good work,

--Tommy :sun

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On 4/28/2011 at 1:11 PM, Barry Ernest said:


Victoria Adams never made a change to her testimony regarding the 15 to 30 second time period. It was always that estimate. The only changes she made to her testimony involved spelling and grammar, none of which appeared in the final version in the 26 volumes. Those changes were made in her fourth-floor office of the TSBD.

Coupled with the fact Miss Adams did not see or hear anyone let alone Oswald, her sighting of Shelley and Lovelady on the first floor, two men who claimed they did not return to the TSBD until several minutes after the assassination, became a major factor in the WC's logic of saying she was wrong about when she descended the back stairs. It is that logic which continues to be used today to discredit her, and on it's face, it does appear to be reasonable.

In my interviews with her, however, Vicki insisted the Shelley/Lovelady passage had been inserted into her testimony and the reasons she felt that way are spelled out in my book. She said those were not her words, they didn't sound at all like the way she would have said it, and the passage was NOT in the original testimony she examined in her office that afternoon. No mention was made of the Shelley/Lovelady encounter in any of the other interviews she did with authorities except for the one with Det. Leavelle of the DPD. A close and objective reading of that statement does seem to indicate that the passage saying she saw Shelley and Lovelady is out of context with the rest of what she is saying at that point. Perhaps that is why the DPD interviewed her twice, the second time with Leavelle under the reasoning that a fire at police headquarters had destroyed Miss Adams' file. No such fire occurred.

Reading Shelley and Lovelady's testimony, it's clear they did not see her, Shelley especially and in Lovelady's case, there is every indication that he was "coached" into making the even mild statement that he evenutually did, admitting he couldn't "swear" to the fact a girl he saw was Vicki.

Sandra Styles confirmed for me that Shelley and Lovelady were not there. She knew both men well and told me she didn't understand why Vicki would have made the statement ("if she did," she said) that the two men were there when, in her words, "they definitely" were not. She seemed adamant about it.

The Martha Jo Stroud letter as well confirms the timing of Vicki's early descent.

How then do we account for the questioned passage in Vicki's testimony when Vicki and Sandra did NOT see Shelley and Lovelady, Shelley and Lovelady did not see them, and the Stroud letter now confirms the accuracy of what Vicki had been saying all along about her early descent down the stairs?

And thank you for being kind! As for Groden, Stone, and Mack, those were simply my observations recorded at that moment and should not be interpreted necessarily as criticisms or endorsements.

Bumped for Sandy Larsen

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21 hours ago, Thomas Graves said:

Bumped for Sandy Larsen

Thanks for posting that, Thomas. That can't be posted often enough on here.

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21 hours ago, Thomas Graves said:


You might want to read this, too.


--  Tommy :sun

Great interview. It would be a privilege and an honour to be able to sit down and converse with Mr. Ernest for an afternoon. Too bad he never visits this forum.

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15 minutes ago, Robert Prudhomme said:

Great interview. It would be a privilege and an honour to be able to sit down and converse with Mr. Ernest for an afternoon. Too bad he never visits this forum.

Yes, absolutely fascinating. I wonder if his interviews -- in particular of Roger Craig, are available anywhere.

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1 hour ago, Robert Prudhomme said:

Too bad he [Barry Ernest] never visits this forum.

Barry's a forum member (but inactive since January 2014):


He posted in this very thread in 2011:


Re: Victoria Adams & Sandra Styles....


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21 hours ago, David Von Pein said:

I didn't know that, Dave. Thanks.

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