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Barry Keane

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I think its great to learn shooters, Dramatis personæ, etc but that ultimate question (or direction) is those who were able to effectively actualize the entire event, as well as the tragic events in the U.S' past. I do not think it wise to completely move from the shooters, etc. I mean connecting the dots of the shooters and other "low levels" involved can sometimes lead a very long way to the top. I think a big clue is that, hypothetically if we all eventually end up knowing the entire 'CIA did it!' story, well.....the CIA has always served at the behest of others....whom? that....is where things become even more ugly...

That being said, I do think other, 'bigger' avenues should be searched as well, such as possible financier involvement (McCloy anyone?), Rockefellers? Other international Interests? (Permindex for example....boy was Garrison ever on the right track, I see very well why the CIA/NWO/MIC (whatever you wish to call them) had to stop him.)

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