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Klein's $ 21.45 deposit of 3/13/63 was NOT "Hidell" money order

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Lee and Greg,

Great replies. You guys said much of what I intended to say.


I realize that, unlike most of us on this forum, you know Marina personally. However, like many critics, I cannot place much credence in anything she says at this point. Her WC testimony was laughable. The first generation of critics, most notably Weisberg, analyzed all this in great detail. Like Jim D., I find it hard to believe you would accept Marina's accusation that LHO shot at Walker (if indeed you do).

There is no reason to accept the Walker shooting, the backyard photos, or any other "incriminating" evidence against LHO that emanated from Marina, the Paines or the DeMohrenschildts. This is part and parcel of what I've termed the "neo-con" or neo-conspiracy platform; a gradual dilution of the evidence that first attracted most of us to this case, and led to our disbelief in the official story. The mysterious deaths of witnesses and the umbrella man are a few other aspects of this case that fall into this category.

David, I respect you very much and value your presence on this forum. However, on this point I think you're being way too kind to the sources you cite. Oswald may have owned a rifle, but that has not been conclusively proven. All the evidence linking him to the alleged murder weapons is tainted and questionable. Why start at point C- acknowledging that he owned a rifle- if points A and B are flawed?

The DeMohrenschildts told the WC that Marina said "That crazy idiot is target shooting all the time," and that he would go to the park and shoot at leaves. Do you really believe that sort of testimony is credible?

Don, do you still maintain this position?

In my close reading of this data, it is clear that LHO, at the urging of DeMohrenschildt and Volkmar Schmidt, took a pot-shot at General Walker. Michael Paine may have also encouraged LHO in this.

In Walker's personal papers, he never forgot the issue, and Walker told Senator Frank Church he knew it was LHO "within days."


The evidence is clear to me. What specific evidence made you doubt it?


--Paul Trejo

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