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Jack White's Puzzle Solved

Guest Duncan MacRae

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Guest Duncan MacRae

Nellie falls backwards and to her right, at the same time as JC slumps forward and to his left.

Her flowers fall on top of her head and body, hiding her from being seen in the Zapruder film at this particular point of the film.

As the film continues, JC rises slightly, as Nellie rises and comes back in to view, placing her right arm and hand behind his back at the base of his neck to pull him back down.

This can be seen in the final few frames of my video. I have made Nellie's arm motion a repeat sequence.

You need a good and quick eye to observe this, and may need to watch it over and over until you can see it.

I've slowed down the video for ease of viewing.

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What OTHER frames show is not relevant. Nellie, an adult woman sitting on a tiny seat in a cramped space in the back of the limo,

completely disappears. Yet her testimony is that she grabbed John and pulled him down into her lap. Nellie is not seen in the

frames in question, and thin "John" sits upright far away from her side of the limo. The animators figured all eyes would be on

Jackie on the trunk, so why bother to get Nellie in the photo. Nobody will notice.


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