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LBJ and Jacqueline Kennedy converse

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Guest Robert Morrow


This website offers recordings made by a number of U.S. presidents.

Lyndon Johnson makes “cowboy love” to Jackie post assassination;

Flirts with widow after slaughtering JFK, wants to be “daddy” of Caroline and John-John; LBJ was a textbook psychopath.

From LBJ: Architect of American Ambition:

“During his first five weeks in office, Johnson called Jackie numerous times. Instinctively, awkwardly, he attempted to make what Hubert Humphrey referred to as “cowboy love” to her. A conversation the first week in December was typical: “Your picture was gorgeous. Now you had that chin up and that chest out and you looked so pretty marching in the front page of the New York Daily News … well,” LBJ said “I just came, sat in my desk and started signing a log of long things, and I decided to I wanted to flirt with you a little bit…. Darling, you know what I said to the Congress – I’d give anything in the world if I wasn’t here today … Tell Caroline and John-John I’d like to be their daddy!”

[LBJ: Architect of American Ambition, Randall Woods, p. 423]

A lot of people just don't understand how the mind of a PSYCHOPATH works. For example, Ted Bundy. He could be working at a suicide hotline one day ... and killing a coed the next day. Or volunteering for the Republican party ... then killing a coed the next day.


Now compare the Lyndon Johnson quote above, the part about wanting to be a "daddy" to Caroline and John John, with the reality of what George Reedy, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy had to say about him. And also the very ugly reality about LBJ that author Robert Caro discovered:

George Reedy, former press secretary for Lyndon Johnson: http://www.absolutea...cs/George_Reedy

George Reedy on Lyndon Johnson:

"He may have been a son of a bitch, but he was a colossal son of a bitch."

"Not only did Johnson get somewhat separated from reality, he had a fantastic faculty for disorienting everybody around him as to what reality was."

"What was it that would send him into those fantastic rages where he could be one of the nastiest, most insufferable, sadistic SOBs that ever lived and a few minutes later really be a big, magnificent and inspiring leader?"

In his book, Lyndon B. Johnson: A Memoir by George Reedy… Reedy is quoted on his book flap as calling LBJ “a bully, a sadist, lout, and egoist.” He describes LBJ as “magnificent, inspiring leader; the other that of an insufferable bastard.”

from Phillip Nelson, author of LBJ: Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination:

"JFK once said “that Lyndon was a chronic xxxx; that he had been making all sorts of assurances to me for years and has lived up to none of them.”12 Robert Kennedy’s description of Johnson, which can be heard on the referenced Web site, was that he was “mean, bitter, vicious, an animal, in many ways; I think he’s got this other side to him that makes his relationships with other human beings very difficult, unless you want to kiss his behind all the time."


. . . "Bobby later complained that Johnson ‘lies all the time. I’m telling you, he just lies continuously, about everything. In every conversation I have with him, he lies. As I’ve said, he lies even when he doesn’t have to.’”195 (emphasis added) JFK agreed on this point, telling Jackie on the evening of November 21, 1963 that Lyndon Johnson was “incapable of telling the truth.”196 Similar statements had been made by people who knew him when he was younger: classmates who routinely called him “Bull” (for “Bullxxxx”) Johnson because he lied so much that he was considered “the biggest xxxx on campus;” but beyond that, there was no difference to him in truth or falsehood, the facts were whatever he deemed them to be; he was, in one classmate’s words, “a man who just could not tell the truth.”197 Most men would be embarrassed to be caught in a lie, but not Johnson: men who knew him in Texas agreed that even when caught in a lie, he wouldn’t flinch; he would resume lying again about the same thing, almost immediately.198 Caro points out that this was not just a nickname used behind his back; it was used by other students to his face: “Howya doin’, Bull?”


Robert Caro spent several years interviewing people who knew him during those years and concluded: “By the time the researcher completes his work on Lyndon Johnson’s college years, he knows that one alumnus had not been exaggerating when he said, “A lot of people at San Marcos didn’t just dislike Lyndon Johnson; they despised Lyndon Johnson.”

Here is Robert Caro again on LBJ:

"And by 1941, also the major patterns of his entire life are established and clear. In attaining this influence, he has displayed a genius for discerning a path to power, an utter ruthlessness in destroying obstacles in that path, and a seemingly bottomless capacity for deceit, deception and betrayal in moving along it" That Caro quote is on p. 803, Noel Twyman, Bloody Treason: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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I don't know what is more odious about this conversation; LBJ's overt flirting or Jackie's annoying coyness, wherein she actually seems to be flirting back. In view of the fact she allegedly loathed LBJ in private, I simply don't understand her theatrics. Says a lot about her character, imho.

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