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Robin/John et al.. can you find a reflection in the limo

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I've been using your recently posted images yet they still only come down at 72 pixels

A shot from the drain MIGHT be somehow reflected in the limo itself, especially at the angle of the camera and such.

You will notice the drop to the wheel of the limo from 349-350... suggesting to me what "might" have been seen was made to be out of frame...

But I need much better resolution images to even tell


If the camera was NOT on telephoto as they claimed... could the alteration zoom to within the frames and create the illusion of a telephoto image thereby allowing for the large chunk of grass during the head shot sequence and then return to "normal" afterward....

always appeared like a bit of Ken Burns the way the camera "pans in" to JFK when in reality the limo was traveling AWAY (slightly southeast) from the camera's position as it passes

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