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What's Wrong With Waldman 3 ?

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The FBI's " tracking of the rifle " included unsigned and undated documents and manifests.

One such undated and unsigned example of documents the Warren Commission used to "prove" that carton 3376 was shipped to Klein's was Waldman Exhibit 3.

Waldman Exhibit 3 is a list of ten carton slips which allegedly made up the February shipment from Crescent to Klein's. Listed on each of the ten carton slips are the serial numbers of the 10 rifles in each carton, including carton 3376.

Since there are no dates on any of the slips in Waldman Exhibit 3, it serves no purpose in proving that the rifle was part of the February shipment.

In fact, the ten carton slips, including slip 3620 which contained the list of rifles in carton 3376, could have been filled out at any time. If one looks at the slip numbers, which are pre-printed at the bottom of each slip, one will see that the numbers are NOT IN SEQUENCE, which one would expect them to be if they were created at the same time by the same person and for the same shipment.

The slip numbers are 3672, 3504, 4376, 3813, 3789, 3661, 3762, 3544, 3620 and 3770.


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