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Floyd Low

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I am Floyd Low from Ottawa Canada.

In my day job I am a full time reserve officer with the Canadian Military HQ in Ottawa Canada.

My interest is WW1 and the Canadian Expeditionary Force, which fought with the British Army in France and Belgium in WW1. Feel free to email me questions - I can put them all on my list.

I am involved with two websites

The 54th BN CEF at http://members.tripod.com and

The 102nd Bn CEF at http://www.donlowconcrete.com/102

Why are these of interest to Education Forum Visitors you may ask?

Answer - These battalions featured many people who had come to Canada and then went back when the war broke out.

Although the war is far away now - we are tracing their movements via old war diaries from the Canadian Archives and maps from the Imperial War Museum and correlating these places with modern day latitude and longitude references. When we are done, we expect to have a unique battlefield tour. See http://www.donlowconcrete.com/44/26bnnov51.../fullscreen.htm for a brief tour of the Paschendaele battle area or here http://www.donlowconcrete.com/44/jackwar2_.../fullscreen.htm for the Ypres Battle area

If you have relatives who may have served with the Canadians, we can trace their movements for a small fee.

I look forward to helping out the search for the past!

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