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Dorothy Hunt

Kathleen Collins

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I am interested in learning more about Dorothy Hunt, so I figured I'd ask experts, namely you members.

My understanding is that Dorothy was flying to Chicago to pay off Nixon's blackmailers. Some accounts have her with $10,000 cash and 10 $100 bills. One bill contained the initials F.S. and the speculation is that they stood for Frank Sturgis.

Other accounts have her traveling with a large amount of securities on her person. Dorothy was CIA as far back as the OSS.

The plane also carried a newswoman, Michele Clark, who perished also. She was writing a story about Watergate and was accompanying Dorothy to Chicago. Dorothy's husband, E. Howard Hunt, CIA, would spend time in prison for his part in Watergate. Hunt was blackmailing Nixon because he had to take the rap for his part in Watergate. Now he wanted payment since Nixon wasn't taking the blame. The CIA was blackmailing Nixon with documented evidence that he knew and participated in the plan to kill President Kennedy. (The disputed meeting at the Murchison's Dallas home -- hours before Kennedy was killed. Did they sign something?))

Before she got aboard, Dorothy took out $250,000 in airplane insurance. This was the exact amount Hunt wanted from Nixon. She never did this before. Hunt was "surprised."

The trip went well until it was time to land. Some believe the plane was sabotaged; others, pilot error. It had a fiery ending, plowing through 2 houses. Severe burns killed Dorothy. The reporter also was killed. Before the plane hit the ground a man from the back of the plane jumped out the chute in a workman's jumpsuit. And another man who died on the plane was Congressman-D George Collins, who had nothing to do with Dorothy. Strangely enough, some passengers survived.

A lot of people believe Dorothy Hunt was murdered. So I'm asking you for your opinions on the subject. If Nixon had Dorothy killed that would send a message to E. Howard Hunt: stop the blackmailing now. I can't see any reason why the CIA would want to kill Dorothy, except she knew a lot and she was flying with a reporter.

Thank you.

Kathy C

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The crash that took Dorothy Hunt’s life has already been discussed here and I made my views clear on them (see links below). I never herd the parts about “a man from the back of the plane jump[ing] out the chute in a workman's jumpsuit. “ before.



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The crash that took Dorothy Hunt's life has already been discussed here and I made my views clear on them (see links below). I never herd the parts about "a man from the back of the plane jump[ing] out the chute in a workman's jumpsuit. " before.



I'm so happy to oblige you, Colby. I bet you thought I couldn't come up with what I wrote. Sorry.

I found the story about the man jumping from the rear of the plane on Dorothy Hunt's plane from Sherman Skolnik. And I believe I saw it one other place. But this should do you.

Kathy C

"Also getting on Flight 553 was a reputed "hit-man", pursuing Mrs. Hunt and others, and going under the "cover" of being a top Narcotics official with DALE (Drug Abuse Law Enforcement). He used the name Harold R. Metcalf. He is an unusual "narc"; he worked directly for Nixon. Metcalf told the pilot he was packing a gun, and so Metcalf was assigned seat B-17, near the stewardesses' jump seat and also near the food galley and the rear door of the plane. After the crash, he walked out of the cracked open fuselage of the pancaked plane wearing a jumpsuit. A former Military Intelligence investigator, who used his credentials to get into the crash site, identified the person posing as "Harold Metcalf" as an overseas CIA parachute spy. (Investigator's testimony at re-opened N.T.S.B. hearings, 6/14/73). Also see Metcalf's statement about being a "narc" and his gun on the plane. (N.T.S.B. Docket SA-435, Exhibit 6- B, p. 17, surviving passenger statements). Metcalf evidently supervised certain foul play, possibly cyanide, directed at certain passengers, but he didn't know of the over all sabotage plan. One of our staff investigators confronted Metcalf about a week after the crash.

(a) Metcalf, supposedly a government narcotics bigshot, knows nothings about dope. (B) in response to our question, "Did you know the plane was sabotaged?", he blurted out half a sentence, "It was not supposed to....", turning purple, he then left the room. Evidently, he was a double cut-out, an espionage term for an operative to be himself eliminated by someone else. His survival was an oversight. (N.T.S.B. testimony, 6/13-14/73)."

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