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The Little Tramp

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The short, "older" tramp found by police in boxcars behind the Grassy Knoll and the parking lot, is said to be E. Howard Hunt. Others believe it was Chauncey Holt.

Out of the 2, I think Chauncey Holt is the little tramp, as he was 5'4 and E. Howard Hunt was 5'9. The tramp wore a hat that could serve to hide his ears. Howard Hunt's ear tops stuck out from his head in a comical way. But at that time he wasn't that old. This photo in Dealey Plaza, right after the assassination could well be E. Howard Hunt. He couldn't be 2 people at once, but I think he was this man and not the little tramp.

Kathy C

post-5645-043738100 1302749355_thumb.jpg

post-5645-095991900 1302749751_thumb.jpg

There is NO WAY that Holt is one of the tramps.


Jack, I had a change of heart. I agree with you about Hunt being the little tramp. The tramp resembles Hunt more than Chauncey Holt -- I was trying to go by size. But Hunt could have said he was taller than he was. Men do that sometimes in my experience. What also changed my mind was the picture I have linked below. The woman in the picture, looking shocked, with her hand to her mouth is Dorothy Hunt. I compared her picture in 1963 to that of her in 1972, which Spartacus has. I knew she was CIA and realized she was standing only a few feet from her husband E. Howard Hunt, the short tramp. What a wonderful day, out and about on Nov.22, 1963. What a sense of accomplishment they shared.

Also on the far right of this photo, see Billy Lovelady talking to a policeman on the steps of the TSBD. This occurred about 2 hours after the shooting. The photo provided in the first post above, the man in the trench coat and fedora could also be Hunt. To me, he looks like he's about to go up the Grassy Knoll. Did he play 2 parts in the Assassination?

Kathy C


Jack, I just watched this footage on C-Span -- material of Dealey Plaza, etc. that a news network had thrown out. Somewhere in the middle of it the police are taking a very short man -- at first I thought he was a kid -- into custody. I believe it was Chauncey Holt! And now I see he couldn't be one of the tramps. Then a few minutes later you see Oswald being led in. I wonder if they were going to use Chauncey as the patsy, but they zoomed in on Oswald. Chauncey is a weird-looking dude. Someone I knew used to ask rhetorically, What would have happened if Oswald missed work that day? Maybe Chauncey would become their patsy. I don't know where he was in Dealey Plaza. Does anyone know? He didn't work with Oswald. Can you imagine a Chauncey Holt lookalike?

The woman with her hand to her face in the picture above is Dorothy Hunt. She looks like she's shocked, but actually, I think she saw the camera and put her hand like that to disguise her face. I know E. Howard Hunt made faces so as not to be identified. He was a clever rascal. I think he lied about his height. But Chauncey was a lot shorter than 5'4, as he claimed, if that was him in the footage I just saw.

Kathy C

Why is dark little Dorothy Hunt, possessed of an Ilse Koch-like side as she was, dressed like a tall, frumpy office girl on a sidewalk in Dallas?

I've seen the page that identifies her in this photo - and Dick Helms as the guy in the hat - and it's agitprop of the worst sort, intended to discredit Dealey Plaza photo identifications.

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Hi Kathleen...

Created this back in July 2007 and thought I had something...

I agree, He was not a Tramp... but he was there, large and in charge... :ph34r:

Does this guy look like he's from out of town? Check him out in the full Cancellare shot.

P. S. - I believe Billy Lovelady, Wesley Buell Frazier, and all the floor men at the TSBD, were recruits with one level of knowledge or another.

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