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I was born Jan 9, 1948, in Santa Rosa, California. Tragedy struck my family early on, when my father suffered a complete mental breakdown as a result of his WWII experiences, as a front-line surgeon. So early-on, I learned that bad things sometimes happen to good people. My religious persuasion is Anglican catholic, and I attend Masses regularly. My political persuasion is strongly libertarian, and I'd probably best be described as a social conservative. My other interests include cosmology, literature, and history, and I am an aspiring photographer. Ansel Adams is my constant inspiration, as I seek to capture high-resolution images primarily, but not exclusively in the black/white medium he perfected. I'm also an animal lover, and am especially fond of dogs. I own a miniature pinscher, and she's my joy and delight after two divorces and three deaths in my immediate family. The way I see it, is that all three family members who've passed on are now in a better place. But I still miss them.

As someone who lived thru the Kennedy Assassination, I've ALWAYS experienced extreme cognitive dissonance in connection with the Warren Commission, and the "lone-nut" theory of the assassination. It doesn't ring true to me, and however much I'd LIKE to believe it, I just can't. I believe VERY powerful forces were behind it, as even Jack Ruby wanted to tell us, even warn us. Unfortunately, his untimely end precluded that, which ALONE makes me suspicious. I intend to write a formal manuscript and critique of the WCR, and to that end have ordered a number of books and videos on the topic, along with several works defending the Commission and its report. My purpose is to gain maximum perspective, and that's why I've chosen to include these works in my collection. I believe that a number of alternative plausible scenarios are possible, each and every one being at least as likely to be as accurate as the "official" Warren Commission story, and my purpose is to examine each one, and frame some tentative conclusions before I begin writing my manuscript. I've done graduate work in Philosophy, notably in the areas of cognitive science, epistemology, and artificial intelligence. I believe I could bring a unique analytical perspective to Assassination research, and that is what I'm hoping to accomplish.

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