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Harold E. Lewis

Harold Lewis

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My name is Harold E. Lewis, I am a retired Command Sergeant Major. U.S. Army. with 29 years of active duty. I served in the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. I spent all of my military duty in the Field Artillery, with the exception of Drill Sergeant Duty, and a tour at the Department of the Army.

Was a member of the Nuclear Release/Authentication System, I am trained in 155 Technical Operations, 203 MM, 8” Howitzer, Pre-Fire, Assembler, Supervisor, and Air Transport.

I have written correspondence (classified) for the late President Regan. I was the Drill Sergeant for President Regan’s York Town Platoon, and attended the 200 year anniversary of the Battle of York Town.

I attended the U.S. Army’s Sergeants Major Academy from July 1987 to Feb. 1988-Members of my class included a Medal of Honor recipient from Vietnam and the Court recorder in the Lai Mai court martial.

Married 29 years, two sons, wife Sally. I obtained degrees in Liberal Arts, and Educational Psychology.

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Welcome Harold!

Thanks for the "hello"...I know this is totally late beyond belief.........Been ill, mother passed, just life......Love the Aussies...Brave Beyond what is Expected of Soldiers...that is how I feel about the Aussies that I was fortunate to serve with in Vietnam..thanks again........Lew

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